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A Mothers’ Day Poem

Last month I asked fellow bloggers and friends to give me one word or phrase that described their mum. I said that I would use the words to write a poem for all mothers. You can see the words given here and here is the poem I have come up with. I am sorry that it is not very good. I wrote it in less than five minutes with a very painful and swollen face.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Happy Mothers’ Day One and All
Happy Mothers’ Day Me
This is my first one of these days
And it means such a lot you see

I want my children to cherish
The relationship that we share
I want them to know on this day and always
That I will ever be there

Being a Mother is a special job
A diverse and flexible role
To support your young and care for them
Protect their heart, their soul

A mother is warm hearted
She is caring and full of love
A mother is the bestest friend you can have
She’ll be there come push or shove

A mother is sympathetic
She’ll listen whatever you say
A mother is inspirational
You hope to be like her some day

A mother is indomitable
She canot be over come
Whatever else in the world she be
She will always be your Mum

I want to be all for my children
Provide everything that they need
I will always be their Mummy
Whatever else in the world I be

I want to keep them safe from harm
Protect them from the cold
I want to have fun and play with them
Until I’m grey and old

I want to share their secrets
Help them achieve their goals
I want to hold their hands as needed
Protect their hearts, preserve their souls

As Mother I am indomitable
I shall not be overcome
My love will not be conquered
I will always be a Mum

Happy Mothers’ Day

Today has been a good day though not the wonderful day that I had planned with my Mothers’ Day Wishes post.

Sadly I woke up with a swollen face and a horrible pain in my mouth. My wisdom tooth has a horrible infection and so we had to swap church for the emergency dentist. I was seen very quickly and an infection was confirmed. I headed out the door laden with antibiotics.

We then headed for Port Lympne where we had a lovely afternoon. Port Lympne is a great day out for all the family. Today we went on the safari and were able to see the giraffes. Esther and William were very well behaved the whole time though it was really rather cold on the truck. We had lunch at the zoo and I fed Esther and Willam whilst watching two lions feed and play. A lovely day.

For Mothers’ Day I was given some lovely presents from Esther and William (and David!) I have a lovely tin of cakes, biscuits and sweets. Yummy! And a gift voucer for a spa day at Eastwell Manor. A whole day to myself with breakfast, lunch, swimming, massage, facial, pedicure and much more. I am so so excited. I am going to take a good book and just indulge myself for one whole day!

I had planned to write so much about this special day but my face is throbbing with the pain of my infected, impacted tooth. I hope that these photos will give you some idea of our day and why I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful fiance and the most beautiful beautiful children.

Happy Mothers’ Day x

Mothers’ Day Wishes

I have seen a few people posting a wish list for Mother’s Day, including a VLOG from Karin at Cafe Bebe and so I thought that I would publish mine as I know for a fact that my wonderful partner, David, is email subscribed to my blog!!

We have discussed already actually what might happen on the day and this is what would make it bliss for me.

6.00am David breakfasts the babies and takes them out for a run as usual. I get up and have my breakfast before having a lovely long hot shower and organising clothes for myself and the babies for the day.

8.30am David and the babies get home. David showers whilst I get the babies milked and dressed for church.

9.15am Photograph taken of me with Esther and William all in our Sunday best. A photo to frame and treasure for always, my first ever Mothers’ Day as a Mummy!

9.30am Mothers Day Service at our village church, where we will be getting married in just over 5 months time! I love going to church, I love the singing most of all. I want to introduce Esther and William to the church and the community.

11.00am Eggy bread brunch with the babies. I want us to all sit at the table together and enjoy a meal, however simple, together. I want David to make the bread whilst I milk and change the babies out of their church clothes.

11.30am Go to the zoo, Port Lympne, to be exact. I want to go on the safari and spend some time at the cafe near the water hole overlooking the giraffes’ habitat. I love giraffes! Along with penguins they are my favourite animals.

1.30pm Lunch at the zoo, sat on a blanket on the grass overlooking the park and the downs so that the babies can have a kick about

4.00pm Head for home so that the babies can nap in the car.

5.00pm Baby dinner, bath and bed

6.30pm In an ideal world the babies would then go to sleep easily and have a settled evening leaving David and I a relaxed evening with Thai takeaway and The West Wing. Bliss!

What are you wishing for this Mother’s Day?

My Mum is …


Me and My Mum

As we begin the approach to Mothering Sunday I have a question.

How would you describe your Mum in one word or phrase?

My Mum is warm – hearted.

Please leave your word or phrase in the comments below and at the end of the week I am going to try and write a poem for all mother’s everywhere using the words and phrases I have collected.

My Mum is …