Autumn Sensory Storytelling Tray

wheres mr owl

At the start of autumn I made a Gruffalo storytelling basket for Edie It has been used lots and lots By all the children And has rekindled our love of all things Gruffalo Since then I have made a few … Continue reading 

Home Education: Iggy Peck Play Day

block building

On Thursday we hosted a Home Education Learning Through Play Day Inspired by the book Iggy Peck Architect We had 24 children here with their grown ups For 5 hours of construction themed activities I absolutely loved planning this day … Continue reading 

The Gruffalo Story Basket

gruffalo play

After our recent Gruffalo Hunting expeditions Edie has a new favourite story She LOVES The Gruffalo And can now identify all the animals in the book Including butterfly, dragonfly, kingfisher and woodpecker Edie loves to listen along to the first … Continue reading 

Five For A First: Bath Books

wee gallery 2

Continuing my series of recommendations For gifts for a first birthday Gift ideas that work for older babies And young toddlers Today I want to tell you about some bath books We LOVE books in our house And have them … Continue reading 

Spring Sensory Play: Flower Cutting Tray

flower cutting tray

We have been exploring lots of gardens this past fortnight Some traditional Some tropical All colourful Creative Bright All designed for pleasure For adventure To give joy Our children have loved roaming the jungle of Heligan The water garden at … Continue reading