For My Husband on Fathers’ Day

There is nothing I can do today

Nothing I can say

To ease the pain that’s in your heart

Because our daughter was stolen away

walking for tilda

There is nothing I can say today

Nothing I can do

I wish I had the power

To make our baby dying be untrue


There is so much I want to say

So many things to tell you

About the amazing man you are

How I could never be without you


I am sorry Tilda is not here today

Her chubby limbs

Her cheeky grin

I am sorry nothing can feel right today

That you are hurting so much within


I hope it helps to know we love you

Are in awe of all you say and do

Your strength courage and bravery

For helping us make it through


These last few years have not been easy

We have shared our darkest days

You always manage to stay strong for us all

I admire you, am constantly amazed


And I am proud that you are mine

I am proud of what we are

I am proud of us as a family

That we have come so far


And I know you are the heart of us

You keep us breathing, keep us strong

I want you to know that I love you

And will do my whole life long


It may sound corny to others

You may not believe it is true

But you are my hero, my inspiration

No one and nothing compares to you


I am sorry we don’t have Tilda

I am sorry she had to die

I am sorry days that should be happy days

Make us want to hide away and cry


I am sorry I am rubbish

That I find it so hard to just be

Thank you for holding us together

For putting up with me


It breaks my heart

I cannot do

The one thing that we need

To bring our baby daughter back

So our two children can again be three


And soon we welcome baby four

Our daughter number three

A time that will be hard for all of us

But also a time we might be happy


It hurts so much without Tilda here

Seeing all she will never see

Our family will always be missing

All the things that she should be

Snow Angel

Snow Angel

And we will always be missing

The things she should have given to us

Her warmth, her humour, her cheeky smile

A life full of laughter and love

Jennie & David-51

You are a wonderful husband

A remarkable father too

We all honour and respect all that you are

And with all that we are we adore you

daddy of an angel

Today and every single day

We honour, respect and adore you

We adore you x