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Dear The Essential One

Dear The Essential One

My Mummy says that you are a guardian angel.

You watch over us and send us exactly what we need.

She says that you can do this for all mummies.

Mummy says that you can provide mummies and new babies with all they need for the first twelve months of their life.

All of the essentials for little ones just like me.

Vests to keep a tummy warm.

Vests for Warmth

Sleepsuits for peaceful sleep and cosy play.

Cute and Cosy

Snowsuits and pramsuits for snuggly warmth

Pretty in Pink!

Rompers for special occasions, like Christmas!!

Clothes with messages too

Mittens to protect tiny faces from scratches

Hats to hold in the heat of the day

Blankets to cover us, keep us secure

Sleeping Bags for the coldest of nights

Beautiful bags for clothes, wellies, snacks, nappies, toys, spare clothes (Mummy LOVES the bags!)

Beauty and the Bag

Everything that a mummy might need when her new baby first comes along

Everything that a new mummy will need when she first takes her baby home

Perfect presents for new parents

Perfect Presents

Gifts for new families

My mummy says that if she ever needs anything for any baby, especially me, then she knows where she can go

To you

No frills, no fuss

Just the essentials

The Essential One

Served with a great big dollop of love and care

Thank you

Your biggest (or should that be littlest?) fan

Mummy and Me x

Matilda Mae

c/o Mummy x

We were kindly sent this wonderful pink suit to review. Full review coming soon but first we felt the need to share some Essential love x

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