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A Day in the Life …

A Day in the Life of Esther and William

As a first time Mummy of twins I am beginning to wonder if I am doing enough for my little ones.

Here is a typical day at home for Esther and William, how does your little ones typical day at home compare?

6.00 Esther and William get up and have breakfast and a play with Daddy

7.15 Daddy takes Esther and William out for a 4/5 mile run in their pram

8.30 Mummy welcomes Esther and William home. We go in to the playroom for time under the gym and on the Jumperoo. During this time both babies will also have some milk.

10.30 Nap time

11.30 Both babies up and playing on a circuit of activities in the lounge. We have a chill out zone, the gym and a sitting up area also space to practise crawling.

12.30 Lunch and milk

1.30 Nap

2.30 Playtime with Mummy and story time. I try to change the toys and activities whenever they have a nap so that they do not get bored and can find something slightly different when they wake up.

4.00 Mummy takes Esther and William for a walk in their pram or nap time if raining

4.30 Play and dinner

5.30 TV Time

5.40 Bath time – this includes an all over wash before the bath and any medications / supplements needed

6.15 Bed time

I encourage Esther and William to play independently but they are not very good at it. I worry that I do not spend enough time talking to them. I wonder should I try to have some individual time with each of them?

I often think that with one baby I would put them in a sling and go out to town for coffee, read magazines in a cafe, meet friends, go shopping. We don’t do any of that because it is just impossible on my own.

What does a day in your little ones life look like?

Here are some pictures to illustrate our days x

Active under the gym

Gym, Mirror Talk, Bouncy Chair, Sit Up Play, Cosy Snooze Corner

Playing together, learning to crawl

Gym, Sit Up Play, Chill Out Corner

Sitting and Chilling


On the Move!

Getting to Know You

Independent Play

Jumperoo or Jump A Poo more accurate in our house x

Story Time

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

After a not so cheery week last week I am back this week and full of beans. Hurrah!

This week has been a good week and I am hopeful that next week is going to be a good one too and so we are full of cheer in the Nairn/Henley household. Here are the main reasons why …

We have a beautiful new addition to the family. Our beautiful niece Diya Isabella was born on the 21st February, a very special and healthy baby girl, weighing a little over 7lbs. We were lucky enough to go and meet her on Saturday and she is just so cute. She is all tiny and curled up and new to the world. She has the softest, darkest hair that curls round the nape of her neck. She has long crinkly fingers and such delicate little features. She is still all floppy and new and it is impossible not to love her. We are so pleased and proud to welcome her to the family and especially pleased that Esther has a little girl cousin who is so close to her in age, and will be even closer in development. Welcome to the world Diya Isabella, we look forward to watching you grow x

My Mum is staying with us at the moment meaning that David has more time to work and I am able to get out and about more with the twins. So far we have been to Ashford shopping, Leeds Castle for coffee and cake and today we are going into Maidstone for a walk around. All of this outing and abouting has been made even more special by the fact that the sun is shining and spring is definitely on its way. This also signals the end of cold and flu season and a slight relaxing of our self imposed isolation. The twins can come out of hiding and finally embrace the world!

Esther and William had some professional photographs taken with Paul Barsby in Ashford and the results are stunning. We had the session as part of the Cherubs programme but could not resist buying some extra prints of our own. The portraits are great, don’t you agree?

Have you had a week as cheery as mine, perhaps you need an extra slice of cheer this week, whichever, why not pop over to Mummy From The Heart‘s Linky and see what is making a smile this week.

Listography – My Perfect Day

I am so thankful to have this to do today as I am having the worst few days ever with Esther and William, well William really.  He is teething with a temperature and refusing to eat or sleep.  I love him with  all my heart but he is exhausting at the moment as he is often inconsolable.  David works from home and is getting increasingly stressed that he is needed to help with the babies rather than focus all his attentions on his work.  I think we are both nearing breaking point, so taking 5 minutes (albeit with William in my arms!) to ponder on what would be a perfect day for me right now is a really rather nice thing to do.

What would make my perfect day right now?

1 – I would wake up to a warm, sunny morning.  The babies would wake smiling in their cot and we would go downstairs where I would put them down to play on the lawn whilst I got a breakfast of coffee, orange juice, fruit and croissants.  I would sit in the warmth of the sun and watch my children playing happily together.  It would be quiet apart from their beautiful coos and babbles.  There would be periods of warm hazy silence.

2 – The postman would deliver a letter from my sister telling me that she is pregnant and that she is moving home from Australia not just to the UK but to Kent where we will be sisters, friends and neighbours and our children will grow up knowing each other like cousins should.

3 – I would have lunch in a cafe courtyard in the sun and enjoy drinking wine and eating finger foods with good adult conversation with a group of friends.  We would laugh and joke and be playful.  We would discuss and debate.  We would not notice the sun beginning to set and day turning to night.  It would be wonderful.

4 – I would go to a salon and have a relaxing back massage, facial with Indian head massage and have my hair cut and styled.  I would take a lovely outfit with me to the salon and would dress there ready for an evening out.

5 – The evening would be with all my family and friends together at a function rather like a wedding reception with good music and good food.  There would be dancing to cheesy music.  There would be fun and frolicks and laughter. Lots of laughter.  Everyone would be loving the company of everyone else.  It would be riotous and yet so peaceful. Like being home!

And if there were just one impossible thing that I could make happen right now, I would like to go to 167 Grange Road for a cup of tea, a game of scrabble and a cuddle with my Nan.  Because I miss her so much even now, everyday.  That would be a perfect day.