Bump Watch: 29 Weeks


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Bump Watch: 23 Weeks


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005/366 Photo Within A Photo (or two!)

Matilda May 22 Weeks

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My Bump, My Bump, My Lovely Baby Bump!

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Bump Watch: 14+2 or 13+2???


Today I am feeling very confused after another NHS scan. Last week I had a private nuchal scan that dated me at 13 weeks. Today, 9 days later, I had my NHS nuchal scan that dates me at 13 weeks … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: Waiting for Nap Time (written on 11th October 2011)

10 weeks and 3 days today.

I am utterly exhausted and full of cold.

William is incredibly snotty and Esther is miserable with her teeth.

All in all we are not in a good way.

Because of our combined germ spreading capabilities we have not been out to any baby classes these past few days and the change in our routine, topped off with illness, has made us all a little crazy.

I am really wishing that I could drive today as I would take us for a walk around Leeds Castle or drive to this lovely bakery in Lenham that I know where they sell the most fabulous cakes. Not that I really have the appetite for cakes, but, well, perhaps I could manage one!

Because the babies are not feeling one hundred percent they are struggling with independent play. They need me to be there and involved the whole time. It is so draining particularly when all you really want to do is curl up under a thick blanket with a good book and a steaming mug of tea.

I have no patience today. I am feeling sorry for myself because I am so ill. I feel that I should be allowed to have a sick day but that is not an option as a full time Mummy, even lunch breaks can be hard some days!

And so we all plod on, bunged up and miserable, waiting for nap time, at least, I am.