Edspire Festive Forecast: Star Stacker from Toyjeanius


Earlier this year we were honoured to be chosen as a Toy Genius family for Toyjeanius. Each toy that we have been sent has been perfectly suited to Esther and William’s age, ability and interests. Our most recent delivery was … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 13+6 Making the Most of Me

last sun 012

After my disappointing maternity shop on Sunday I have been thinking of other ways in which I could make the most of me. I need to set aside some time each week that is mine alone and use it to … Continue reading 

Blog Gems – Breastfeeding Premature Twins

Tandem Twin Feeds!

In January 2010 my fiancĂ©, David, and I started our fifth cycle of ICSI in the hope of getting pregnant and having a baby of our own. We were starting to wonder if IVF was ever going to work for … Continue reading 

One Word Answer

The whole-hearted Mummy Beadzoid has tagged me in Mummy from the Heart’s One Word Meme. I have to say that I am quite nervous in taking up this tag as I am rather scared that people will have nothing to say!! I am hoping that people who read my blog will respond and maybe some of my friends who will see this on Facebook too. David, my fiance, says that his one word would be TROUBLESOME!!!!

But what exactly is the One Word Meme???

I was sat on my bed this morning doing my prayers and my mind started to wonder to conversations I have had with online friends recently. Basically it seems as if there are some people out there who have some very odd (but nice) perceptions of me. They think things about me that I would never have guessed. In the last week I have been referred to as super-blogger, uber blogger, ethical blogger, most positive blogger. All very lovely and have boosted my confidence a good amount but would I ever have guessed people would think such things?

I am creating a meme, called the 1 Word Meme and I would love for every one of us to be able to collate all the the positive words left by our real life friends, virtual friends and fellow bloggers so that we each have a sheet of positive affirmations to treasure and boost our self-esteem.

Please leave a comment, a one word comment, that tells me what you think of me, something positive, esteem boosting!!

As this is a Meme I have to tag other people to take part. As I am quite late coming into this I think many people have been tagged already and so I apologise if I tag you and you are one of them.

Tag – You are it!!

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