Flashback Friday – All Island Championship

When I was 6 we moved to Cyprus where I went to Berengaria School followed by Episkopi Primary. It was a great place to be during thos important childhood years. School started at 7.30am and finished at lunch ready for afternoons in the sun and on the beach. Happy days!

One of my best school memories from this time is playing table tennis. My Mum and Dad were both excellent table tennis players and my Mum in particular won lots of trophies and awards.

In 1985 I also played table tennis in a competition and what’s more, I won. I won the Junior Doubles competition with my good friend Mary Casson and I came second to her in the Singles contest. These games formed part of the All Island Table Tennis Tournament where I represented my school.

I continued to play table tennis when we moved from Cyprus to Germany but I never played competitively again, which is a shame really as I think if I had continued I could have been really rather good. My parents still play even now, though socially rather than competitively.

Here are some photos of a younger more champion me!