Flashback Friday – Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage!

This Friday I have chosen to reflect on my acting career – amateur dramatics that is.

I started performing when I was 6 years old in school nativities and local pantomimes and I continued into my thirties playing lots of fantastic roles, mostly in musicals and one act plays.

I studied drama at school to GCSE level and also completed A-Level Theatre Studies.

I share my love of theatre and acting with many of my friends and my fiance David.

I really do love acting and singing and directing and hope that at least one of my children will inherit the theatre bug from me.

Today I have been remembering good times and good friends made in theatres across Europe.

I have been recalling Little Shop of Horrors and playing Audrey, Dulcie in The Boyfriend, Mrs Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, many principle boy and girl parts in panto and much more.

I have been reliving my roles and singing all the songs for I still know all the words.

There is no business like show business even when the show is an amateur one!