The Gallery – April Firsts

Ready for Swimming

In April we had our first swim in a pool Our first dip into the sea A Bumpkins massage with our Mum Helped by Helen and Kelly In April we played in the garden We had a paddling pool too … Continue reading 

031/365 Solo Swinging!

Today was a gloriously sunny day in Kent and so I took Esther and William to the park where they went on a proper baby swing for the first ever time. They really liked it and we are going to go and do it again tomorrow. Now I only wish I had four arms so that I could safely swing them both at once! Here they are, Esther and William, solo swinging!

Year 5 and 6 Literacy – Weather Idioms

In my classroom one of my favourite projects is to combine art and literacy through the exploration of idioms.  Here are some weather idioms produced by an old class of mine.

See if you can spot a storm in a teacup, a fair weather friend and a few people with a face like thunder!

A great lesson which is lots of fun with words and pictures and can be made accessible for all!