042/366 Bump Watch: Preparations Begin!

For the Squidgers!

Over the last few days we have started using stories to try and explain that there is a baby on the way and it is growing in Mummy’s tummy. I realise that this is a difficult concept for any child … Continue reading 

041/366 Signing Snake


Here in the Edspire household we are still working hard on our signing. One of our favourite ways to spend half an hour is to watch videos on You Tube and sign what we see. Some of our favourites are … Continue reading 

040/366 What We Learned Through Messy Play!


So today we had our first attempt at messy play that was not part of a meal! I collected together different bowls, cups, plates, spoons and kitchen utensils. For the mess we used Cheerios as I knew they would be … Continue reading