Does This Sound Like an Okay Day for 18 Month Olds?

The Long Day Home Alone!

7.00 Independent Play / Mr Tumble

8.00 Breakfast

8.30 Independent Play / looking out the window

9.00 In the Night Garden and milk

9.30 Nap

10.30 Walkers out

11.00 Snack and Story time

11.30 Guided Play – Stacking, Sorting and Tower Building / Get Esther dressed

12.30 Walk round the village and possibly swings

1.30 Lunch

2.00 Tunnel and Walking Mat with action songs

2.45 In The Night Garden and milk

3.15 Nap

3.45 Crayons

4.00 Musical Instruments

4.45 Tidy Up Time and signing Dear Zoo and Animal Sounds

5.00 Tea

Does this sound okay for two 18 month old toddlers? (Corrected age 15 months)

We are not good at staying home.

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