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Mumra Playlist

If there is one thing that I love to do it is sing. I know lots and lots of songs of by heart from a whole range of musical genres.
These days I have the wonderful excuse of singing to Esther and William but before it has always been purely for my own self indulgent pleasure. When I was younger I used to have a microphone that I would plug into my hifi and record myself on to tape singing a variety of songs.

I love musical theatre and can sing the whole way through The Sound of Music after playing Louisa in a production at drama. I used to always sing Memories from Cats and other Elaine Paige classics. My parents had an album with the lyrics on the sleeve and I learned them from there.

When I was younger we always had music on in the car, especially when we went on long journeys and I knew every word to every song on my Dad’s mix tapes. I remember that I used to say if I was not singing in the car then I would get sick or feel sick. I love singing in the car!

Now when David and I are in the car we also have music on and often we are both singing along at the tops of our voices. There is nothing better on a sunny day than driving fast, windows down, music loud and raising our voices together in song. Makes me smile. Warms the cockles of the heart!!

When I was a young teenager in the 80s singing was of a much more serious nature and the three songs that I remember singing and recording over and over again all have a similar theme of a young jilted girl with a broken heart or stuggling with true love. Oh dear!

The songs I have chosen to share, for which I know every single word are …

Tiffany – Could’ve Been

Debbie Gibson – Foolish Beat

Beverley Craven – Promise Me

What song is sure to have you sigining along? Hop over to Mumra’s and help us compile our playlist.

Mumra Playlist

Looking Back On My Childhood Days

For Mumra Playlists 8 we have been asked to recall songs from our childhood. I was brought up on 50s and 60s music from Eddie Cochrane to The Everley Brothers, Connie Francis to Brenda Lee, Buddy Holly to Fats Domino. My parents loved their music and we had countless mix tapes played over and over in the car.

But I am looking further back than our long car journeys, I am remembering being a very small child in the bath with my Daddy singing to me, songs that I still sing with Esther and William now.

Songs that for me should feature in every childhood as they are about hopes and dreams and family.

Here they are:

What songs take you back to your childhood days?

Why not share them with Mumra?

Mumra Playlist

Mumra’s School Disco!

For Mumra’s 7th playlist she is asking us to reveal our school disco tracks.

I have two; a dance track that for me signifies the start of my disco career and the first song that I can remember slow dancing to in the school hall.

Both tunes remind me of my time at Edinburgh School in Munster,Germany and I guess at this time I would have been in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The dance style of the moment was The Running Man!

Madonna was enjoying a revival.

My full school disco playlist would include many many classic early 90s tunes but these two define, for me, discos at school.

Snap – The Power and Madonna – Crazy For You

Oh the memories of those so special days!!

Technotronic anyone? Betty Boo? Pump up the Jam!

They say that your school days are the best days of your life and with tunes such as these making up the soundtrack how can they be wrong?

Mumra Playlist

I Was Lookin’ Back To See …

I was lookin’ back to see
If you were lookin’ back at me
To see me lookin’ back at you

When I was at University (the first time!) I only had 8 hours of lectures a week. I was studying English and Drama. The rest of the time I was living my life and being educated in an altogether different way.

I went to University in Liverpool and I spent my weekends clubbing. It was 1996 and the club scene was massive. I had the time of my life!

After a big night out a few of us would gather in our halls to unwind together and we would play more relaxed music, music I would often leave playing to lull me into sleep.

There are two albums that dominated my stereo were Massive Attack Blue Lines and Leftfield Leftism. Two albums that I adore to this day.

The tracks that I have chosen to share for Mumra’s Playlist are ones that I would hear repeatedly through the night as I slipped in and out of consciousness, dream time! They are Massive Attack’s Safe From Harm and Leftfield’s Original.

Sleep sweet one and all x

And if you need more chill out tunes to send you on your way head on over to Mumra’s to continue the relaxed vibe.

Mumra Playlist

Where’s Your Head At?

Mumra Playlist

I have been aware of Mumra’s Playlist for a few weeks now but have not joined in. This week’s topic jumped out at me though partly because I am missing my little sister so much at the moment and partly because I have not danced in so long apart from at my sister’s wedding where we did indeed dance to this band!

My breaking shapes tune is actually any tune at all by The Basement Jaxx. I love them and they never fail to get me on my feet and on to the dance floor.

I cannot choose a favourite tune but I do love Red Alert, Rendez-Vu, Romeo and Do Your Thing.

Such great, light hearted dance tunes that really do make you shake your thing!

One of the best nights of my life was going to see Robbie Williams with my little sister and supporting him were The Basement Jaxx and they were just outstanding. We danced and bounced our way through their tunes and enjoyed them almost more than the man himself. An amazing experience which cemented my love of this fabulous dance act.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Basement Jaxx


Do Your Thing