Advent Book Review Seven: Carol Gaily Carol

What it looks like now!

This is a book of Christmas carols but for me it is more than that it is a book of Christmas memories, Christmases at junior school where we used to sing these carols over and over again every year. And … Continue reading 

Musical Memories – In the Summer Time!

My summer anthem is an old favourite from 1996.

It reminds me of summers in Germany filled with BBQs, bottled beers and water fights. It reminds me of frolicks with friends from 7 Signal Regiment, hazy memories of good days gone by.

This summer tune should be listened to at full volume as you drive around country lanes with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. You should be singing your heart out, at the top of your voice, as you catch your first glimpse of the sea.

An indie rock classic for all summers, everywhere!

Ladies and Gentleman, it can only be …

Ocean Colour Scene and The Day We Caught The Train.

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Musical Memories – New Beginnings

My whole reason for starting blogging was to welcome Esther and William to the world. My beautiful daughter and her brother, my son, born on the 24th July, 13 weeks too soon. They spent 59 days in NICU and looking at them now, you really would never know.
My musical memory is of the beginning of their tiny lives and the soundtrack to those early days.

This is Wires by Athlete with photos of Esther and William at their beginning.

THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK (should it not work here!)

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