We Are All Missing Tilda Today

I want to hold you close to me
I want to hold your little hand
I want to wipe your snotty nose
Support you as you stand

I want to change your little nappy
I want to catch you if you fall
I want to feel your beating heart
I want to hear you call

I want to hear your laughter
I want to see your tears
I want to know the things you like
Know what things you fear

I want to tell you that I love you
I want to watch you play
I want to cuddle you all night long
I want to care for you all day

I want to see your cheeky grin
Your beautiful beautiful smile
I want to read you stories
Hug you silently for a while

I want to think what your thinking
I want to hear what you have to say
I want to turn back the hands of time
And beg you again to stay

Today I do not want to think of you as an angel
Playing high in the sky above
I want you back here bubbly and warm
My beautiful daughter that I love

We are missing you today Baby Tilda.

We love you so so much x

21 thoughts on “We Are All Missing Tilda Today

  1. Praying for you as always. Let the Lord be your strength in this absolutely awful time for you. Tilda is safe in heaven xxxxxx

  2. Beautiful and very moving. I can’t see what I am typing for the tears in my eyes. My heart bleeds for you so so much. huge hugs are all I can give even though it will never be enough xxx

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