Presents For Kids Who Loved Blue Planet 2

Esther, William and I have been watching Blue Planet 2 together

And really enjoying it

It has been so educational

An extension of their already detailed knowledge of the seas

From years of watching and reading Octonauts

If you too have little ones who have loved Blue Planet 2

Here are some gift ideas to further their learning adventures

And to have some fun exploring the deep and the creatures that live there

Coral Reef Game

sea coral reef

Double Dolphin Jigsaw

sea dolphin jigsaw

Plan Toys Sea Life Bath Set

sea plan set

Kid K’nex Ocean Pals Building Set

sea knex

Flip Flap Ocean Children’s Book

sea flip flap book

LEGO Technic Ocean Explorer

sea lego explorer

Mould and Paint Sealife

sea mould and paint

Jellycat Odell Octopus

sea odell octopus

Summer Infant Soothing Turtle

sea turtle

Collection of Curiosities – Oceans

sea curiosities

Under Earth Under Water

sea under

Under Water Activity Book

sea under water

The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds (Sound Book)

sea sounds

We have been lucky enough to have a copy of this sound book to review

All the children have enjoyed learning about the different sea creatures

We have loved listening to their sounds

And learning by heart to name the animal each sound belongs to

This book is a fun way to learn about some of our blue planet’s creatures

And to learn to recognise their characteristics

As well as the sounds that they make

We had tea time quizzes with the book

I would press a sound button

And the children would name the sea creature

Learning made fun in this way

Is also made memorable

This sound book would make a lovely gift

For little ocean enthusiasts this Christmas

sea puffin

One thought on “Presents For Kids Who Loved Blue Planet 2

  1. What lovely ideas, thank you! I was chatting to my mum about blue planet the other day. I have been so impressed with how it has captivated people of all ages. My girls love it. The Under Water Activity Book sounds perfect, I might get that as a stocking filler.

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