Not Just A Boy

A note to myself
After a testing few days of William

my boy 2

Not just a boy
But a boy like Daddy
A brave adventurer
A courageous explorer
A strong athlete
A plotter
A planner
A hard worker
A finder
A keeper
A treasure seeker
Not just a boy
So much more than a boy
A boy just like his Daddy

my boy 1

Running through the mud puddles
chasing dragon flies
digging in the dirt
making sister cry.
Trucks and cars and lots of noise
collecting all those bugs
hiding treasures in a box
giving sister hugs.
Oh what fun he always has
laughing with such joy
and the pride he brings to us
it’s great to be a boy!

Author: unknown

Even after the toughest of days
I would not really want either of my boys
Any other way

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