Giving Up Lent

Today I am giving up giving up for Lent

I put myself on an 8-8 each day social media ban

For the 40 days of lent

I cannot do it

I don’t feel that I am gaining anything from doing it

I concede to David

My husband who is always right

That I cannot do it

And I do not want to

I managed two weeks

Then I started doing some social media for David’s work

And then yesterday the #startingschool campaign was too important to miss

And today has just been a farce of pretending not to be online

When really I am

It just all feels like a lot of nonsense

I am glad that I tried though

It has shown me a few things about myself

I like being on social media

I like the instant responses

I like answers to my questions

I like finding, reporting and reflecting on information

I like sharing photos

It has become part of me

I also like having times away from the screen

I like giving Bea my undivided attention

I like pottering with her around the house

I want to make my time with all my children more valuable

More meaningful

I think rather than giving something of mine up

I want to pledge to do stuff for them

My children

My husband

My family

The problem is that words are easy

I need to stop finding excuses for seeing them through

So I am giving up giving up for Lent

Instead I am going to get on and do


As we see the signs of Spring beginning

My plan is this

Get outside with Bea at least once a day

Not just the school run but a cup of tea in the garden

Or a walk up the hills behind our house

Spending some proper time outside

Set up an Invitation to Play after school each day

This does not always have to be messy or sensory play

It can be a fun themed snack with a story to share

Some colouring and TV

A picnic tea outside

Something that shows Esther and William I have planned for them

When they have not been there

This will also mean I am thinking and doing stuff

That is not computer related

invitation to play

Eat More Healthily

Over the last two weeks it has become clear to me

That I eat when I am bored

I also comfort eat

I just eat

And when I am not busy doing anything

I eat more

SO the plan is to busy myself

And when I do eat to eat healthily

I want to tie in my healthy eating

With weaning Bea

And making healthy family meals

I would like us to eat together more during the week

We always have breakfast together

And we eat a healthy wholegrain cereal based breakfast

But after that as things stand

The healthy eating wheels come off

Esther and William have school dinner

Where they seem to eat jacket potatoes every day

And I snack throughout the day

And sometimes eat something more substantial for lunch

David and I always eat a healthy dinner

But we could definitely do with more variety in our meals

I think food and cooking could become a new focus for me

I love eating

So I would like to become better at making, cooking and baking food

If Chris Moyles can do it, surely so can I!


So I am back

Back to daily media of the social kind

I have missed it more than I thought

You people have helped to get me through some tough tough times

Social media in equal measure makes me smile and drives me crazy

It also keeps me sane, holds my hand

And stands by my side through the tough stuff

I thank you and salute you online followers and friends

I would not be who or where I am without you

I am giving up giving up for Lent

Instead I am going to get on and do

I am going to Live!

12 Songs My Parents Handed Down To Me

My parents introduced me to songs that tell stories

Songs with real melodies and memorable lyrics

My parents introduced me to artists I would adore for always

Records I would return to over and over again

That would become more relevant as time moved on

Music that was the soundtrack to my childhood

The soundtrack to my life

Music mixed in with memories and emotions

Music of times gone by

Music from their generation

An era before my own

Music that perhaps in many ways

Made me who I am

These are just some of the best songs

My parents handed down

11 Songs From My Youth I Still Know All The Words Too

There are some songs that stay with you always

These are the songs of my youth

The songs I taped from the radio

Recorded from TV onto VHS

The songs I used to record my self singing

The songs I acted out with my sister and cousins

The songs I sang into my hairbrush

Truly feeling and believing every word

And these are the songs

I still sing when no one is watching

These are the songs to which I will always

Know the words