Becoming a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador

I first worked with Beebies Baby Store back in 2012

When a teeny tiny Matilda Mae was perfect and new

Getting to know Matilda Mae

Getting to know Matilda Mae

Ami dropped off a Beebies nappy cake for Tilda and I to review

Though my eldest daughter was the first to find the goodies

BEEBIES Baby Store

Esther liked the teddy best of all

I did not meet Ami at this time but

After that first review I remember being so impressed with her

This young, bright, ambitious lady

I wanted to help her do well

We communicated a bit by email

But our friendship did not really start to form

Until after Baby Tilda died

Since that day Ami has been a steadfast and loyal friend

And has become someone that Esther and William have grown to adore


Ami and her business have supported us as a family

Without question these past 17 months

Supporting and sponsoring charity events

And coming round to play whenever I have needed a hand

beebies creations

Ami knows that I can be grumpy and emotional

She knows more than most how much of a struggle I can find each day

And she has never given up

She has never gone away

In fact we have become closer as friends as time has gone on

And worked hard together to make some amazing things happen for The Lullaby Trust

Ami has been a vital part of building Tilda’s legacy

Sponsoring and supporting the barn dance, Matilda Mae Remembers and the Welly Walk

Welly Walk 017

Ami is not afraid of hard work

I wish I had just an ounce of her energy

But her enthusiasm and excitement is contagious

This is a girl destined to do well

destined to do well

When Ami first announced that she was looking for Beebies Ambassadors

I knew that I would not apply

It did not feel right to put her in that position

When we are such good friends

And when I support everything that she does already

As much as I can

I did not want her to feel she had to choose me

Or feel bad for not choosing me

It was easier not to apply

And to continue unofficially, quietly, working with Ami

With two very willing product testers

product testers

I also really did not want to let Ami down

My blogging has been quite sporadic since Baby Tilda died

I have so many posts half written

Many reviews outstanding

Emails unanswered

I did not want to be in a position where I could let Ami down

But as time has gone on

It has become increasingly obvious that Ami and I actually make quite a good team

I adore many of the brands that Beebies Baby Store sells

And work with many of them already

I am absolutely honoured to now be an official part of the Beebies Team

we love beebies

And I am looking forward to working more closely with Ami in the future

Starting this Wednesday when we will be having a little gold themed gathering

To celebrate Beebies winning a Gold Loved By Parents Award

For being the Best Independent Online Retailer

I am incredibly proud of Ami as I know that she has worked so hard

To get where she is today

And she still has time to come and play

time to play

I will be telling you more about the Beebies Business over the coming weeks

And sharing with you some of my favourite products that the store sells

In the meantime why not check out the online shop for yourself

I am certain you will find at least one thing that you love

You can also find Beebies on Facebook and Twitter

I look forward to chatting with you there

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