Lucy Locket A Treasure Chest For The Imagination

This year Esther and William have discovered dressing up

Before they have always been dressed

Now they do it themselves

They have a box of clothes and accessories

That allows them to dress for any adventure or occasion they please

Our latest additions to the box

Are a rather splendid unicorn hat

And a fantastic dinosaur cape


Unicorns and dinosaurs are Esther and William’s favourite things at the moment

They love fantasy adventures and imaginary play

They adore magical story books and the mystical tales their Daddy tells

They are at that wonderful age where they are beginning to act out their imaginations

Their role play opens up a window to their world

And the floodgates to their fantasies

It is an honour and a privilege to watch them play

And even more so to be invited to join in

fantasy friends

I try not to interfere too much when they are playing together

But I do try to inspire new ideas and stories

This Christmas two red cloaks will be added to their box

Perhaps they will become Red Riding Hood, Snow White or a wicked queen

Esther is getting Frozen inspired dresses this Christmas

As well as a stage / dressing up cupboard

To give them both a space to perform their plays

At the moment they act out their dramas

Anywhere and everywhere

And sometimes they wear costume just because they can

And I adore that about them


The unicorn hat and dinosaur cape have quickly become favourites

In our playroom

Esther adores her beautiful hat

She is starting to be quite a girly girl

So she loves the pinks and purples

The shiny satin and the sparkling jewels

She was a very proud little girl

Wearing her unicorn hat to non uniform day

And it being admired and coveted by lots of the older girls

unicorn love

When we found out about non uniform day

There was never any doubt in their minds about what they would wear

Esther would be a unicorn

And William a dinosaur

They thought it was wonderful

And I did too!

non uniform day

They wear their costumes every where

To their special rocks on Tilda’s special beach

To play at home and in the garden

To school

Both items are really lovely

Beautifully made with special little details

The padded satin unicorn hat

Has gem stones and feathers

A pink horn and purple eyes and ears

Adorned with jewels for extra magical sparkle

The dinosaur cape is shiny

The padded spikes and tail are great fun

The horn is wonderful

And the big scary dinosaur eyes are too

William immediately starts stomping as soon as he has it on

The unicorn hat costs £17 and the dinosaur cape is £25

I think that they are both great value for money

They make us smile and inspire lots of new ways to play

They would make wonderful birthday presents or Christmas gifts


Lucy Locket is a treasure chest for little people

For parents looking to inspire imaginative play

Wings, wands, tiaras

Masks, hats and capes

Pirates and princesses

Ladybirds and bees

Lucy Locket has something for everyone

Buy something for your little one

Inspire their imagination!

If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
A hoper, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer
If you’re a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!
Shel Silverstein

If you would like to buy something from Lucy Locket for Christmas, first class postage orders end on the 19th December and Next Day Delivery Orders on the 23rd

We were sent one unicorn hat and one dinosaur cape for the purpose of this review

Perfect Christmas Moments 2012

There is one Christmas I will never forget

It was the last Christmas I would ever truly enjoy

It was the last Christmas when I would truly be happy


I look back at Christmas 2012 with love

With heartache and sorrow

And with thanks


I am so grateful that when Baby Tilda woke early on Christmas morning

I brought her downstairs

And together

Just the two of us we explored her Christmas sensory box

sensory 2

I am so thankful that we made a Christmas star

To shine above our house

And that Tilda loved the lights that made it so very much


Now every year it shines for her

Her light shines over us from the start of advent

To the anniversary of her death on 2nd February

night sky

Christmas 2012 was the last time I felt truly excited

We booked a holiday at Coombe Mill for Tilda’s first birthday

On the evening of Christmas Day

How could we have known then

That we would take her with us

But as ashes in a paper bag

Inside a wooden boat

And she would not be coming home

christmas baby

Christmas 2012 I made Baby Tilda a Christmas box

Filled with gifts to discover

Her main present was a rocking horse

That now stands in our bedroom

Never used


We made the most of that Christmas

Esther and William were just at the start of understanding

Believing in Santa Claus

I am glad that year we got a photo of all us

With the big man himself

It is not something we would normally do


I am so glad that we went to my family Christmas party

And everyone got to meet our beautiful Matilda Mae


I am so so grateful that we had a Christmas photo shoot

Something we had never done before

And probably will never do again


I will always be glad

That we had such a perfect Christmas with Matilda Mae

All the festive fun we had

Make up many of my most treasured memories

Of our beautiful baby girl


Tilda loved Christmas

She loved all the attention

The excitement

She loved the bells

Jingle Bells was her favourite song

It will always remind us of her


Christmas 2012 was supposed to be our flagship Christmas

The Christmas that started off our traditions as a family

Christmas 2012 was wonderful, magical and full of perfect moments

In the lead up to Christmas 2012

Baby Tilda tested a Little Tikes Trike

She adored it

We adored her in it

We thought we would have more time!

little tike

Baby Tilda sat at the head of the table on Christmas Day 2012

head of the table

Now she will always be missing

Every day

But especially at Christmas


She is our Christmas angel

Our Christmas Star

All the song lyrics are about her

And though we will have many Merry Christmases

Growing as a family

We will never be truly happy again

Because one of us is gone

One chair at our Christmas table will always be empty

One less stocking on the fireplace

One of us will always be missing

And so I will forever be thankful

For Christmas 2012


Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.

Last year I tried so hard to get this kitchen for Esther and William

It seems rather fitting to try and win it for them now

As we face our second Christmas without Matilda Mae

And make the most of our first

Hopefully not our last and only

With Rainbow Baby Beatrice Hope

Merry Christmas Everyone x


Gigantic Jurassic Giveaway with WOW Toys and Zu3D

Well what a WOW November we had

A Jurassic Dinovember

Filled with WOW and wonder

And now I would like to share some of our magic and sparkle

Some of the wonder


With you!

Throughout Dinovember

We have been playing with some prehistoric toys

We have been on a Dino Adventure

Esther and William love dinosaurs

We have watched every episode of Dinosaur Train in the past few weeks

And acted them out

William’s dinosaur knowledge is epic

He has learned so much in such a short space of time

Much of this learning has been through reading some rather roarsome picture books

And through a lot of sensory play

Facilitated by our growing range of dinosaur toys

wow play

Including the WOW Toys Dino Adventure Set

This 10 piece play set includes

A jurassic jeep with a trailer

A large dinosaur egg

A Brontosaurus and a Triceratops

Two cavemen

And a rocking dino buggy

wow adventure

We are huge fans of WOW Toys and have been now for over three years

Since we first discovered their Twin Turbo Cars

In three years we have collected many toys

Our favourites being the Daisy Car and the Police Car

bridges and ramps

We have owned them for years

And play with them most of our days

Along with rockets and moon buggies, aeroplanes and fairy carriages

All from British company WOW Toys

The Dino Adventure Set is perfect for children of preschool age

The toys are super cute and durable

These tough toys are great for imaginary and sensory play

No WOW Toy requires batteries

They are made from high grade materials with no small parts or PVC

Our WOW Toys have survived water, sand and messy play

They have survived years of being bashed and crashed

Enthusiastically, with toddler love

Inside and out

The Dino Adventure Set has been used for acting out Jurassic Jaunts

In sand and snow (flour) in our Tuff Spot

dinosaur world

The play set has also been used for making animated movies

With children’s stop motion software Zu3D

wow scenes

WOW Toys lend themselves to being stars and props

Of homemade movies as they are so full of character

And come with their very own stories and scenes

Dino Adventure partnered with Dinosaurs in Space from Zu3D

Makes a roarsome gift bundle this Christmas

One that you can win right here!

Esther and William love making movies with Daddy

The creator of Zu3D

They use the iPad version of the software

One child is in charge of moving the characters

The other takes the photos that are put together

To make the animated film

wow together

WOW Toys are a popular choice for animating in our house

Along with Octonauts and trains

Esther and William love creating scenes

And acting out stories

Our dinosaurs have roamed a land of fallen trees

wow wood

A land of ice and snow

wow snow

They have met many species from other lands

wow pasta

And magical creatures too!

2014-11-10 16.49.11-1

Esther and William love WOW Toys because none of the characters are scary

They love that all the vehicles have names and eyes

They love that some of the people can be used as magic keys to make special things happen

We all love the attention to detail in these toys

They really do have WOW factor!

jurassic wow

And you can tell they have been designed with young children in mind

These toys are perfect for pre school children

Who are learning so much through their play

Each figure is the perfect size for little hands

Has detailed design, functional and interesting to look at

The vehicles also make exciting, appropriate, battery free noise

These are toys built to last

To be handed down for generations to come

And they are also great toys for animating

Lots of children animate with Playmobil and Lego

WOW Toys and Zu3D open this up to a younger age range

Esther and William are four

In reception year at school

And love making mini movies with Zu3D

The simplest way to do this is using the Zu3D iPad app

Which you can buy here

Making animations encourages children to speak and listen to one another

It also encourages children to work together as a team

It is a wonderful introduction to storytelling

Creating narratives and thinking about composition

Animation and play are both about

Bringing your imagination to life

If you have a little person who likes dinosaurs and stories

This could be the perfect gift combination for you

And I have it all here for you

To win in time for Christmas

One Dino Adventure Set from WOW Toys, one Dinosaurs in Space animation kit from Zu3D, one Zu3D iPad app code and one copy of the rather fabulous book, Dinosaurs Galore.


All you have to for a chance to win is complete the Rafflecopter form below.

Good Luck!

UK Entrants only please

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were sent one Dino Adventure Kit from WOW Toys for the purpose of this review and Zu3D is my husband’s software.

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