Posts about Prematurity

early birth

My Preemie Boy

World Prematurity Day 2016

Loss Through Prematurity

Pregnancy, Prematurity, Babyloss

Prematurity 5 Years OnSummer Born Premature Twins and School

Summer Born Premature Babies School Start in Kent

School Daze: Making The Best Choice For Premature Twins

Read All About It: When Should Children Born Prematurely Start School?

My Summer Born Premature Twins and Starting School

Letter to Primary School Admissions Team: Summer Born Premature Twins

Summer Born Premature Babies and School

A Funny Time of Year

World Prematurity Day 2014

World Prematurity Awareness Month

World Prematurity Day Reception at The House of Commons

Our Journey Begins

Never Ever Assume

Cuddles Firsts and Lasts

Parenting Premature Twins

What To Buy A Premature Baby

Bonding with your Premature Baby

International Premature Awareness Month

Welcome to World Prematurity Awareness Month 2013

A Day in the Life of a NICU Mum

Funny Time of Year

Failing From The First and Falling To Bliss

Our Journey Through NICU in Emails

Being a Mummy to Premature Twins is a Lonely Lonely Job!

World Prematurity Awareness Day 2011

How To Help Someone with Babies in NICU

Breastfeeding Premature Twins

Becoming a NICU Family


Our NICU journey in Words and Pictures

Pre Birth Trauma

Hello World: Premature Twins Birth Story

After Birth

Blue Monday


Tube Feeding and Long Lines

Becoming a NICU Family

Weighty Issues and Cuddles

Princess Esther Grace

28+3: One Week Old

Night Sweats

Through His Leg To His Heart


Caught Red Handed!

29 Weeks Today

Head Over Feet

day 1 wpd14

Pressure Assisted CPAP

Not Such A Good Day For A Wedding

Aunty Julie

Possible Infection!



Moving Day!

Graduation Day!

Rest in Peace Baby Maya x


30+3: 3 Weeks Old


Fed Up Feeding

Bookstart Packs


The Twins’ New Clothes!

The Story of Esther

The Book!

Sticky Stools

No Visitors!

Chronic Lung Disease

One Month Old Today


Lo Flo!

Breast Mates

One More Step Along The World We Go

5 Weeks Old Today

grow into your dreams

Making Progress

Baby Envy

Good Old Jane

Esther Unplugged!

Just as a Mummy Should


33+3: 6 weeks old

Air Mail

Dear Esther and William


Weighing It All Up

My Real Baby

One Step Closer to the Door!

All By Ourselves

First Burps



Tears and a First Bath


Demand Feeding

Feeding on Demand

Rooming In!

Heading Home

Rooming In Night 2

Day 59!


9 Weeks Old Today

little things

made a wish

mothers arms complete




strength wpd14


tough times 3

wpd14 aa milne

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