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Today I have been reading about a Bloggers Year Book to be collated by Tara at Sticky Fingers. This has been inspired by people posting old school photos as part of this week’s The Gallery theme of Education. I did not post my school photos but would very much like to be included in the year book so am posting some photos here. These are all quite early pics through primary to Year 7, I think. They were all taken in the 80s.

I wonder if regular readers of my blog see any likeness between me and Esther and William? I would be really interested to know.

Year Book Photo Collection

8 thoughts on “Bloggers Year Book

  1. Yes actually!

    I can see it – especially around the eyes! The photos you posted of a holiday, which I hope I’m right in remember had your OH on them (or I’m in trouble!!!) I can seen him in Esther and William too – especially round the mouth. Depends on the photo but I think they feature you quite a lot. I’ll bet the resemblances will be even more striking if they have your chocolate brown hair colour xXx

  2. They both seem to have David’s head shape but this won’t be as obvious when their hair grows. But William definitely has your eyes. It is striking in the first photo. So it is mummy’s boy and daddy’s girl ! :-)
    Thinking of you ! Hope you’re doing ok as I’ve just read your message to your mum.
    Courage, courage ! Sunny days are going to be more regular now and you’ll be able to enjoy more garden times with the children !

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