Annabel Karmel Chilled Baby Purees: Review

Yesterday Esther and William had their first taste of Beef Casserole. It was deliciously creamy and full of flavour. It passed the Mummy test as well as the twin test! It was a Chilled Baby Puree from Annabel Karmel and it was a winner in the Nairn Henley household.

For the past week or so we have been testing this new product from Annabel Karmel and each flavour we have tried (and yes I tried them too!) we have loved.

Brand new from Annabel Karmel these fresh baby meals are perfect for little ones. With three flavours to choose from: Scrumptious Butternut Squash, Carrot and Salmon; My First Vegetable and Beef Casserole and Yummy Sweet Potato and Spinach. They are high in protein, bursting with organic goodness and taste just like home made.

At the moment they are available exclusively through Sainsburys and they really are Yum!

We tried the Salmon pots first and I had to get David to try it as well as I could not believe how lovely it tasted. Certainly better than anything I could have made. It was rich and creamy but you could taste the goodness. I was a little worried that the packaging advised checking for small bones but we did not come across any. Esther and William loved this puree and were open mouthed waiting for each new spoonful. I said to David that it would actually make a great sauce for adults to have with salmon. It really is very tasty indeed. A twin thumbs up over here!

The next flavour we tried was the spinach and sweet potato. This again was delicious and tasted by all. Annabel advises microwaving her meals and gives very clear and precise instructions for doing this. It takes a bit of time to prepare them and I found that this made me give Esther and William some finger foods as a starter which I have not always done. Having to prepare the main meal made me make a real effort with finding new foods for them to try whilst the puree was heating. It has worked really well for us and started a routine that we will now continue every tea time.

The final flavour, Vegetable and Beef Casserole, I think was Esther’s favourite while Wiliam preferred the fish (great as I have not been able to get him to eat it before!) The casserole was lovely and smooth and again very flavoursome. Esther had to have the spoon herself and suck every last bit of the puree from it. What a mess she made, but what fun she had and how much she ate!!!

We have loved tasting, testing and reviewing these purees so much so that we are going to try out some of Annabel’s recipes for ourselves. We are lucky enough to have a copy of her new book and we are going to to try and create some of the meals from it and record our efforts for the blog. I hope you will come back to see how we get along.

Before I leave this puree review though I have to mention the packaging. You see, I am a lover of words and descriptions. I used to love buying wine from Oddbins as I loved the way they described the tastes and flavours. Annabel also has a way with words and her descriptions of these purees are mouthwatering. Like a great book blurb, they make you want more!

Not only is this deliciously smooth purée highly nutritious and bursting with organic ingredients, it also has a sweet, mild flavour that your baby will love.

Mixing spinach with sweet root vegetables makes this purée much more appealing to babies; a perfect meal at home or when you’re out and about!

These purees are suitable for babies from 6 months and are available from Sainsburys as 2 x 100g pots that retail at £2.69. Perfect food for home or out and about, why not give them a go? And if you want to make foods almost as scrummy yourself then why not pick up a copy of Annabel’s new book and see what you can do!?!

For more recipes, advice and ideas you can also check out Annabel Karmel’s website which is full of tips about weaning, baby development, pregnancy, recipes for all stages and much more.

In the meantime here are The Tweanies mid taste test!

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