Bump Watch: Pregnancy Symptoms

When I was pregnant with Esther and William I only had very mild pregnancy symptoms. I think that they were suppressed, certainly the sickness was, by the steroids that I had to take to sustain the pregnancy. This time round my symptoms have been experienced with full force.

I am into my 14th week of pregnancy and I am still feeling sick when I first wake up in the morning and if I go too long without food. Also if I have to concentrate for any length of time e.g. for a two hour driving lesson! The best way to fight the feeling of nausea for me is to suck frazzles and drink coca cola. Sounds silly but it really really works.

I have only had one day of real sickness. It was the worst day of this pregnancy so far and I had not felt so ill since recovering from bowel surgery when pregnant. I could not do anything, I was completely taken over by nausea and pounding headaches. The only time that the world felt bearable was when I was asleep in my bed. Thankfully David was at home and able to care for Esther and William. I finally threw up at 6.00pm and only then did I feel better. I hate being sick. I have a bit of a phobia of sick, always have had so morning sickness was something that I have dreaded. This day was truly awful but thankfull was only one day!

I think that these are linked to dehydration. I am terrible for remembering to drink during the day. I have not been too bad in the last week as I have been trialling WaterBaby (review coming soon) which has helped me to stay hydrated and so has eased my headaches.

Mood swings
To be honest I have been suffering with mood swings, well, always if I am honest. I am a very emotional person and can get very extreme bouts of different feelings. Poor David. He is pretty remarkable really for still being around and I am very lucky indeed.

Restless legs
This gets me in the evenings, not long after tea when I am trying to relax, watch TV, write my blog or read. The wriggles start, the twitches, the jolts. It is really annoying and disconcerting. I often find that eating a banana can help to make the legs rest. My legs. My restless legs! This is one symptom that I did get with Esther and William actually and I found it just as horrible then.

Back ache
I seem to have a constant ache in my lower back but also where the muscles are more relaxed in pregnancy I tend to get more twists and twinges. I have to be careful I think as the weeks go on with lifting Esther and William. I lifted Esther in her car seat yesterday and I really did pull my back. Lift from the knees!! As David would say x

From 6 – 10 weeks of this pregnancy I was totally and utterly wiped out. I slept when the babies slept during the day and was still ready for bed by 7 o’clock at night. It is hard work growing a baby and being so active with Esther and William all day totally wipes me out. That is definitely the best way to describe the feeling – total wipe out. Now at 14 weeks I am starting to feel less tired and am beginning to reclaim my evenings. I am going to make the most of the next few weeks as I can imagine having a big bump and twin toddlers is going to be an exhausting mix!! Any advice please?!?

Increased sense of smell
This is the pregnancy symptom that I would say has caused me the most trouble these past few weeks. The smell of meat has been horrible so preparing dinners has been a real task. And changing babies nappies, whew!!! Normally I am quite immune to Esther and William’s smells but early pregnancy put an end to that. I think I am over it now but this proved a real challenge to daily life these past few weeks.

So there you have it, pregnancy symptoms I have experienced and endured at the start of this baby growing journey.

What pregnancy symptoms have most bothered you and how have you dealt with them best?

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