Edspire Festive Forecast: Big Jigs Princess Walker

Both Esther and William are confident on their feet. They cruise the furniture, practically run with their walkers and can both stand unaided for quite long periods of time. They have just not yet taken those all important first steps. Well, William has in fact taken three steps but that was more than enough for him and since those first tentative steps some weeks ago he has taken no more.

The current mission in our house is to show Esther and William what fun walking can be and how useful it is to be able to get around on your own two feet. For the last few weeks we have been doing this with the introduction of a Big Jigs Princess Walker that we have been sent to review by the Wooden Toy Shop.

When the walker arrived it had to be constructed. The instructions were clear but we had Daddy build it anyway because he likes that kind of thing. Esther and William were happy to help with holding the components and double checking the instructions. The also found that the wooden poles mad a good set of claves for them to make music (?) with.

Double Checking Those Instructions

Keeping an Eye on Daddy

The finished Princess Walker is a sturdy and striking toy that would be a perfect present this Christmas for any almost walker in your life. The walker is recommended for 18 months plus but Esther and William at 15 months (12 months corrected) have had hours of fun with this wooden toddler toy.

Here in the Edspire household we love the contrasting colours that make a pretty pink walker into something more suitable for boys aswell as girls. My William LOVES it!!

The Big Jigs Walker is great for developing walking skills. Toddlers also need a degree of steering ability and control. William is very good at this but Esther crashes a lot and needs a lot of parental guidance!

Both Esther and William have been using this toy to transport their toys around the house and each other!!

This is a great walker and one I know that Esther and William will be fighting over for months and perhaps years to come.

This is a perfect toddler toy for Christmas and can be bought from the Wooden Toy Shop for just £34.99

The Big Jigs Princess Walker – Not Too Pink for Boys!

Not Too Pink for Boys!

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