Advent Book Review Ten: The Christmas Story

This is a book that I remember from my early childhood. I am certain that one of my teacher’s in infant school used this book as a starting point for creating a Christmas display in our classroom and the distinctive style of Dick Bruna’s illustrations has stayed with me ever since.

I bought this book for myself about ten years ago and used it with the children that I taught and now every Christmas I will read it to children of my own.

Dick Bruna’s The Christmas Story is an old favourite of mine that I will treasure always and I am so happy to be sharing it with you on my blog.

Does anyone else have memories of this book from their own Christmases past?

This book, by the creator of Miffy, was first published in 1963.

The very simple pencil drawings are perfect for little children. The book comes with a press-out Christmas crib scene with small parts making this particular version of the book unsuitable for children under 36 months.

The story starts with the shepherds and then moves on to tell of the three wise men and how each group came to arrive at the stable in Bethlehem by following the bright shining star.

The language is simple but powerful in this alternative retelling of The Christmas Story. Punctuate this version of the story with songs from Carol Gaily Carol whilst setting up the press-out crib scene and you have a lovely morning of entertainment for toddlers.

Dick Bruna’s The Christmas Story making something so wonderful so simple for the youngest of children to enjoy and understand.

All over the world people tell the story of
the bright star which guided
the shepherds and the three kings to the stable
where Jesus was born.
And that is the story of Christmas.

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