Advent Book Review 15: My Very First Christmas

My Very First Christmas is a collection of Christmas stories especially for the very young. We bought this book for Esther and William last Christmas and it now has pride of place in our Christmas basket of books alongside old favourites, timeless classics and new collections of tales. The book collates ten stories ‘to bring love and laughter at Christmas’.

The words are written by Lois Rock and the simple, modern illustrations are created by Alex Ayliffe.

The collection includes

The Baby in the Manger
Shepherds and Angels
Wise Men and a Star
The Tree of Bethlehem
The Fourth Wiseman
Little Brigid
Good King Wenceslas
The Little Juggler
The Baker’s Christmas
Christmas Words

The Fourth Wiseman in this collection is very different to the fable I have already reviewed. It tells of a fourth man travelling with the three wise men who does not have a present to give.

Here is me reading out the story!

the fourth wise man

My favourite story in this collection is Baboushka. It is a Russian folk story that I have always loved from first hearing it at primary school. An old lady trying to give a present to the newborn king leaves a gift at every house where she hears a baby laugh.

To this day, no one has seen Baboushka, but people say she is still looking for the king. In every house where she hears a little child laughing, she still leaves a gift.

At the back of this book is a glossary of Christmas Words.

The collection of traditional festive tales and Bible stories are retold well, in simple language for our youngest children to enjoy.

The pictures are simple and bold. The catch a child’s eye and can hold their attention. The colours are bright and the illustrations add a warmth to the book.

It is a perfect present for baby’s first Christmas and a gift that I hope will be treasured by Esther and William for always.

If you are having a first Christmas with your little one this year I hope it is a wonderful one.

Merry Christmas!

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