Bump Watch: We Have Made It! 24 Weeks and Viable!

Matilda is Viable!

Reaching 24 weeks is an important milestone for any Mummy but for a Mummy who gave birth to her last babies at 27 week plus 3 it is a very special occasion. If Matilda May is born now they have to try and save her.

A baby born at 24 weeks has a 40% – 70% chance of survival and each week that she continues to hang on then of course her chances improve.

I am a bit worried about the coming weeks. 25 weeks and 3 days is when my last pregnancy started to go wrong and I was rushed into hospital with a twisted bowel. I am terrified that something similar may happen again. But I have to say that I am no where near the size I was at this time with Esther and William, so that offers some comfort and hope.

I am definitely feeling pregnant now. I seem to have a permanent stuffy nose and can become breathless very quickly when chasing round after the twins, both of whom are now toddling around on their own!

I get tired in the middle of the day and as often as I can I nap when the babies do at 11am. It recharges me for the afternoon shift that William in particular finds so hard to deal with.

I am really worried about William. He has been very clingy to me lately and seems to have a renewed fascination with my breasts. He likes to comfort himself by putting his hand in my top and on my breasts. I wonder if he can smell the milk developing for the new baby?

I am worried about how both toddlers will cope with the arrival of their younger sibling. They are both loving babies and I am not sure they will understand who or what this thing is that will be taking up so much of Mummy’s time. I worry about how I am going to breastfeed and keep Esther and William amused during feeding times. Any ideas?

More pressingly I am worried about how I am going to cope with Esther and William in the latter stages of pregnancy. As my bump gets bigger I am gradually starting to find certain things harder to do, and I am really not that big yet.

On a positive note though. The things for Matilda’s nursery have started arriving. I can’t wait to set up her little corner of our room.

I am also starting to prepare presents for her arrival; Gifts for Matilda from Esther and William and Gifts for Esther and William from Matilda. I think I am settled on E and W each getting a doll so that they can have a baby of their own and do some of the new things that Mummy does. And Matilda is getting a Teddykompaniet Zebra comforter. Esther had a giraffe one when she was born and William had an elephant. It is only fitting that Matilda has one too. I am hoping that our next baby will be a little boy and he can have the lion.

Esther in NICU

William in NICU

Yes, I really am already thinking about the next one. I would really love for us to have four children altogether. David is one of four and it seems to work really well. I love the idea of being head of a big family one day.

I am feeling Matilda move lots now. The movements are still quite fluttery but they are definitely there and she is certainly becomig more active at certain parts of the day. I love when Esther and William are in bed having a bit of time for just me and her. She always obliges as I sit down to rest to start kicking and flailing about! Something she shares with her siblings already!

I have booked our antenatal classes with NCT. I am really looking forward to them as we missed out last time and I feel totally unprepared for the birth and the third trimester.

Just a few more weeks to go and we will be chartering unknown territory and inspite of all my worries I really cannot wait.

If you can answer any of my concerns or have any advice for enjoying the third trimester with toddlers in tow I would love for you to leave a comment below.

24 weeks and viable. But still a way to go.

24 Week Bump

10 thoughts on “Bump Watch: We Have Made It! 24 Weeks and Viable!

  1. You’re going to be fine lovely. If it helps, The Boy went through a stage of shoving his hand down my cleavage and nestling it in my bra, he called it a pocket. I think it might just be skin-skin contact? Doubt it’s the milk.

  2. Congratulations on 24 weeks. 1 weeks time and you will be past your next mile stone and then 28 weeks here you come :) I know it is hard to relax but take comfort in the fact W and E were early due to your surgery rather than something like a weak cervix or pre-enclampsia. Hope you enjoy your third trimester and getting really big. As for the hand down the top, I think it is a boy thing, both mine did it for a long time not just to me but also to any female, which could get quite embarrassing!

  3. I think you are amazing – my baby boy was born at 24 +5 in may last year and although he is doing brilliantly I can not even consider another pregnancy, I’m far too scared so I takes hat off to you and your bravery. I don’t know why my baby came so early so I guess that doesn’t help. Well done you – and good luck for the 3rd trimester xx

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