Bump Watch: 28 Weeks

Today I have been looking back at pictures of Esther and William at 28 weeks gestation. They had been out in the world, or at least their incubators, for a few days by then. This is Esther at 28 weeks.

I look at these pictures and it helps me to visualise Matilda as she must be now.

According to various online sources Matilda now weighs around 2lbs 7ozs which makes sense as Esther was 2lb 4oz at birth and William 2lb 11oz.

She may well be in a head down position ready for birth but I am fairly certain that she is actually breech at the moment, judging on where I am feeling the kicks.

Matilda’s eyes should now be open and she is able to sense light and shadows.

Matilda can also now hear sounds from outside my body so will be getting used to all our favourite stories and songs.

Because I have seen Esther and William out in the world at this gestation I know that Matilda is alive and really experiencing these things.

I think about Esther and William kicking about in their incubators and I am feeling the pattern of this kicks with Matilda.

It is really very strange and sometimes I am fine with it, like it even but other times it is just a little too wierd to dwell on.

I have a Consultant appointment and scan at the hospital this week which I am pleased about as I have not seen or heard from my midwife since 16 weeks. Other Mummies to be that I know seem to see their midwife all the time but I have no contact at all with mine.

I think it is bad actually that I am not being monitored more closely by the midwife as though I have been pregnant before I have never actually reached the third trimester before. This is all scary and new for me.

I am looking forward to starting our NCT classes next month and I am loking forward to getting more organised at home.

Matilda’s crib has arrived and her bedding and some of the contents for her hospital bag so the next few weeks is about packing and sorting and getting ready.

We are also going away for four days to Centre Parcs which I am really looking forward to.

I think the last 10 – 12 weeks may pass quite quickly. But though I think they are going to be hard, having Esther and William to look after aswell, I want to make the most of them.

I have never been this pregnant before.

Would love to hear any tips for surviving the third trimester with toddlers in tow?

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