042/366 Bump Watch: Preparations Begin!

Over the last few days we have started using stories to try and explain that there is a baby on the way and it is growing in Mummy’s tummy. I realise that this is a difficult concept for any child to comprehend let alone two eighteen month olds with very limited language. However there is one story that seems to be making a difference. I think it is the pictures however more than the words. The book is though beautifully written in verse by one of my favourite toddler authors, Giles Andreae, who wrote the wonderful Giraffes Can’t Dance.

An Edspire Favourite!

Gerald is one of the best loved and most shared story characters in our house. Every time the story ends two little voices say, “Again!” and we start the book all over again. I am pleased that the same thing seems to be happening with this latest addition to our home library; There’s A House Inside My Mummy.

For the Squidgers!

The book written by Giles and illustrated by Vanessa Cabban is warm hearted and funny. It is written in rhyme and so has a great rhythm for reading aloud. The pictures are full of toys and objects that Esther and William recognise from our own home. They can also relate to the activities shown in the book such as bath time and teeth brushing. Since we started reading the book together they have started looking at my tummy alot and hugging it just like the little boy does in the book. It is really very sweet. It touches on pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness, cravings and sickness. It also gently suggests ways that toddlers might help their pregnant Mummy – thank you Giles. There is only one verse that I find tricky to read with a straight face, and maybe it is just me?

I just can’t wait to meet him
I hope that he’s all right,
My Daddy says be patient
As his door is rather tight

Not sure quite how I feel about that last line. I am sure it is harmless enough but it does make me squirm when I read it.

Esther and William are really enjoying this book and I hope that it goes some way to helping them understand the magic of pregnancy and birth, and why sometimes Mummy is so very tired.

As for Mummy, well she needs to be prepared too and so I am just about to start reading this and collecting tips for coping with Baby Number 3!

For Me!

Less than 12 weeks to go until Matilda will be here and not a bump anymore!

What stories and books did you use to prepare yourself and your first born for Babies 2 and/or 3 or more?

2 thoughts on “042/366 Bump Watch: Preparations Begin!

  1. There’s a House Inside My Mummy is one of Spud’s favourite books even now a year after the baby has come. One of the best bits was the illustrations, he was at an age where he could point out the ball, car, train etc if you asked him so soon learnt that the last page had a Mummy, Daddy, Spud and Baby on! However it doesn’t mean he loved the baby haha!

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