Introducing My Pink Lining Hospital Bag!

I am so excited to share with you the bag I will be packing to take with me to hospital in 6 weeks time!!

It is a beautiful Pink Lining Twins Bag and I am in love!

Twice as Nice

I was in love as soon as I opened the package that was wrapped in pink paper. The bag itself was then carefully transported inside this soft Pink Lining bag that I think will make a perfect laundry bag for hospital. To keep worn clothes in safely until we all come home.

Luxury Laundry Bag?

Technically I will not be a twin mummy anymore but I am sure that this bag is big enough and planned thoughtfully enough for me to carry everything I need for Esther and William plus one, especially as Esther and William are now leading less and less as they head firmly into their toddler years.

I am very excited about using this bag for the first time and I am being selfish, I am not using it for Esther and William or the Baby Bump. For the first time, I am using it just for me and filling it full of the things I will need in hospital. I can’t wait!

Over the next few days I am going to share with you my packing and as part of that I am going to be reviewing some great maternity products that I hope will make a difference to my impending experience of birth.

But first the bag …

My hospital bag, that will also become my changing bag once the new baby is born, is a Pink Lining Thistle and Dragonfly Twins Bag. It is a beauty and perfect for a Spring delivery and Summer baby.

This pretty and practical bag has so many great features for Mummy and Babies to share.

On the front there is a large zip pouch with special fixings and fittings for pens, cards, camera, keys and a phone.

Twice as Nice

There are side pouches to hold a drink or perhaps a small umbrella? Things that are waterproof could be stored here but that you need easy access to.

The Pink Lining Twins Bag has sturdy handles and a shoulder strap for wearing or attaching to a buggy. The strap is long enough and strong enough to be transported easily over the handles of our Easywalker Duo.

The bag includes a detachable mirror. I think is a great idea as I am always forgetting or losing my handheld mirror which is a pin if I need to put on a bit of make-up or keep a baby amused. Esther and William love kissing the babies they find in a mirror!

Sturdy Straps and Detachable Mirror

The Pink Lining bag has a zip pouch at the back of the bag as well as at the front, this is where the padded changing mat can be stored. The changing mat comes with the bag as does a clear zip up wet bag. A safe haven for those papers, tickets, documents that you really do not want to get wet.

Back Zip Pouch

Wet Bag

Inside the bag there are four central pouches for nappies, wipes and other baby essentials.

A beautiful Pink Lining!

There are also four insulated pouches for storing bottles, drinks and / or food.

There is a small inside zipped pouch for loose change, medicines, things you don’t want your toddlers to unpack from your bag once you have carefully packed it!!

The designers at Pink Lining really have thought of everything and then doubled it for busy multiple mummies.

This bag not only looks gorgeous but is super user friendly too and I cannot wait to get it packed and try it out. I am going to feel very proud carrying this bag around with me. It really is, as the beautiful slogan says, ‘Twice as Nice!’

Over the next few days I am going to be packing my bag ready for going to the hospital and I am going to be sharing tips, advice and product reviews with you as I do, so I hope that you will stay with me and follow my journey through the packing of the bag to the welcoming of the baby. Just six little weeks to go!

I am going to be trying my hand at vlogging as I pack my bag and prepare for the birth so would really love your support.

And if you need more of an incentive then I have some great competitions coming up too. The first of which will be tomorrow when you can win a Rosebud London Bag of your very own!

For now though let me tell you that if this particular bag has caught your eye then it will be available to buy from Pink Lining from April 2012 and costs £85.

For the purposes of this review I was given one Pink Lining Thistle and Dragonfly Twins Bag free of charge.

10 thoughts on “Introducing My Pink Lining Hospital Bag!

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  3. Great review thanks!! I have this bag too although was a little dissappointed with the print and wish I ordered a different one now but it’s too much hassel to send it back!
    Also I didn’t get a dust bag with mine?

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