Messy Play for Matilda Mae

Tonight I am a little nervous as tomorrow sees the launch of my first ever linky.

Messy Play for Matilda Mae.

Recently I have been blogging lots of ideas for messy and sensory play.

I have been making use of our Tuff Spot and our big bowls.

The Tuff Spot is such a great investment for play.

We have two now.

We have two of most things to be honest.

But back to this.

A Tuff Spot is basically a concrete mixing tray. You can get them on Ebay for around £10.

They are large plastic trays with a shallow rim keeping messy play materials contained while also allowing children to get in and really get messy in their play!

We love ours and I know that lots of other mummies have bought Tuff Spots in recent time and so it has inspired me to start this linky so that all us messy mummies can come together and share our materials and ideas.

For the first six weeks this will be a general linky and then I am thinking of giving a suggested theme or material each week.

Along the lines of Ready Steady Cook but Ready Steady Mess!

I am going to start a Facebook group so that anyone who wants to can join and share their messy and sensory play ideas.

One thing that has made my play better with my children in recent weeks is the support and inspiration I have had from other people especially Susanne at Ghostwriter Mummy. It is great to have people to bounce ideas off and to share tales of when things go wrong.

I love coming together with others sharing ideas and resources and creating something magical for my children to enjoy.

So tomorrow will be the first linky and then every Saturday night after that.

The first, optional, theme will be on Saturday 18th May and that first theme, in memory of Matilda Mae, will simply be Pink and Purple Play.

This week though, all you have to do is come along tomorrow and link up any messy or sensory play post that you have written. Old or new so that people can find new ideas, resources and materials to enjoy with their children.

So that we can all come together and become more confident with our messy play experiences, making them enjoyable for ourselves and our messy players.

I do hope that you will link up and if you would like to add our Messy Play for Matilda Mae badge then that would be wonderful to see.


Messy Play

The logo has kindly been designed by Helen from All At Sea and I turned it into a badge following a fab tutorial from Nickie at Geekalicious.

Merry Mess Making Mummies!!

I look forward to seeing and trying out your ideas x

28 thoughts on “Messy Play for Matilda Mae

  1. Such a lovely idea and a lovely legacy for Matilda Mae.

    I am going to try and join in. :-)

    We already do lots of messy play, but it’s the blogging it that I find it hard to get round to!

    Thanks for your inspiration!



  2. This is a really lovely idea and the perfect way to remember Matilda Mae.

    I’ll be joining in tomorrow and can’t wait to get ideas and inspiration from others too.


  3. We’re in having just recently bought and tested out our tuff spot and moon dough! Have the water beads at the ready to have a go, and would love to take part in the theme for your beautiful Matilda. Xx

  4. Beautiful and inspired idea. I realised I hadn’t indulged in much messy or creative play with my smaller two as especially Cian is pretty fussy about mess. I believe its important they experience, creation, mess and all the new sensations involved we live in a rented house so have to be cautious when it comes to mess but think we found a solution and can’t wait to link it up.
    Matilda’s memory has inspired and reminded me how important it is to share these moments with my little ones, can’t wait to get involved and plan activities around the themes! Xx

  5. This looks so exciting. We have to say thank you to you and Matilda Mae for inspiring our messy play. We bought a tuff spot inspired by you and used it for the first time today to play with cloud dough. We had a fantastically fun time. I’ve never been inspired to do anything like this before being too afraid of the mess or just not thinking of it so, truly, thank you from all of us. Can’t wait to see lots more ideas x

  6. oh i cant wait to see all your ideas, such a good thing you are creating here! i must say we dont do that much of messy play as we live in a rented house and have to be careful of what mess we make but im thinking a lot of covers and stuff probably will solve that problem.. i must say though i had no idea what a tuff spot is till ive seen in your blog. so i thought it was designed for playtimes. the other day we had our fence changed, they guy cleared all the ivy and stuff away from the old fence and left a lovely resh long line of new fence with a big tray leaning next to it. it was very familiar to me from your photos of messy play. went out to check it and hey presto it is a tuff spot, which is caked with cement left overs on it! probably used by our landlord, we only moved here couple months ago. i was so excited to see it, but was a bit chuffed its caked with dry concrete, so i told my husband : hey hunny, the is this brill big tray they cal, tuff spot in our garden which is really cool for messy play for kids and the landlord left one for us, but sadly they used the play tray to mix cement so its ruined! imagine how i laughed when i had to realize tuff spot is for cement mixing and not originally invented for kids messy play tray. :)))))) if i only knew … though i share u my silly story

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  8. I will definitely be joining in. Can probably link up tomorrow with a post from last week if you like, but will do it properly next week when we are at home. Wonderful idea :-)

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  11. lovely idea, i will definitely try to join in and i think seeing themes been given will give us a push to try out something different and join each week. I do have a messy play post from earlier this week so will come back to the linky and add it if I can, not done alot of linkys before so get easily confused but sure ill work it out!
    really need to get one of those tuff spot trays, we just use a baby bath but think these would be better.
    loved the messy lullaby activity you did for matilda mae

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