Messy Play for Matilda Mae: Water Play

There is nothing Esther and William like more than messing about in the water.

Be it bath, swimming pool, stream or sea.

Esther and William seem to be incapable of going outside without getting wet.

Puddle, pond, play table, tap.

The tiniest drop of water, Esther and William will find it

And find some way of enjoying it.

Whenever things are getting too much at home

Tantrums or tears, theirs or mine!

I know it would be a good idea to get the water out

And dilute, diffuse the situation.

On Friday I got out two of our extra large bowls

And filled them up with warm water.

After our trip to London Aquarium

I thought it would be good to play with

And talk about

Some of the sea creatures we had seen.

I filled the bowls with plastic fish and sea dwellers

Including some penguins and some colourful ducks.

Esther and William were happy to play with the water

And its inhabitants

I also gave them some different sized and shaped containers

Including a range of funnels.

They seemed to really enjoy playing

Talking to each other

They loved it when I introduced some snakes to their play!

Esther and William played contentedly for quite some time

Before it descended into a mass water fight

And Mummy called ‘Time’ on their play.

Later in the day the sun came out

And we took our mega bowls outside

To continue our water play

What I wanted to do was change the consistency of the water

Using the magic that is Gelli Baff!

Esther and William were keen to help with the process of changing the water

We poured the powder into the bowls

And stirred and stirred with our hands

It felt lovely as the special crystals

Began to change the water

The liquid began to solidify

It began to glisten and shimmer in the sunshine

As it turned a rich royal blue.

A rich royal blue goo!

After a time of feeling the new substance

Letting it move through fingers

Rubbing it and pouring it, teasing it and testing it

It was time to put the animals back in.

Using all the same toys it was interesting to see how the Gelli behaved differently to the water

Esther loved the Gelli and played with it for a long time

Scooping and pouring, transferring it from one container to another

Squelching it between her fingers

And her toes!!!

Watching the Gelli fall from different heights

Hearing the splat as sticky goo landed on sticky goo.

Using her body to move the Gelli and laughing at the funny sounds that it made.

Esther loved sitting in the Gelli Baff and it did feel lovely on your skin.

The product claims to clean your skin if you use it in the bath.

Esther was able to make shapes in the Gelli with her different body parts.

She spent ages swishing and swirling,, stamping and squelching the Gelli around.

It was lovely today to use the Gelli Baff to add a new dimension to our water play.

It extended our play and tested our investigative skills.

A wonderful way to get messy with water.

This is our messy water play for Matilda Mae.

What messy fun have you had this week?

We would love to know.

Please link up any messy or sensory play posts, old or new and especially anything with water as a focus.

Thank you x

10 thoughts on “Messy Play for Matilda Mae: Water Play

  1. lovely to see kids having fun in the water, mine love it so much too. i did a gellibaff post a while ago so i have linked that up. i like your blue colour one more though!

  2. That’s great, glad you all had fun!
    Where do I buy gelli baff? Never heard of it! We played with a very similar thing on Sunday on our newly squired messy play table. We had blue water, fake snow (combined I suspect it was very like gelli baff) and pink aquarium gravel. Ben and olly loved this as it was set up with our train track and Thomas trains, so they could play accidents do happen! All this with the song as background music! We had a great time. I don’t put pics on Pinterest, at the moment, though I guess I could somehow work out how… And I don’t have a blog. I also haven’t found out how to tag you in pictures… I am being very dim! If you could tell me I would love to show you the pics of my boys playing!
    Thanks for all the great ideas x

  3. Hi, I think I could be here under false pretences! I’m a primary school teacher and I have the nursery class in school. I also run a parents group. One of the group ‘found’ you when she was looking for parenting tips. We love your messy play and the water beads are amazing. I’m a ‘dinosaur’ teacher-52 this birthday and try to look for new ideas as I don’t want to become stale or stuck in my ways!!!
    Your blog is a credit to you and I send you lots of love and strength. You are an amazing Mum trying to make sense of everything that has happened to your family in the best way you can.

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