A Sorry Tale To Tell

I am about to post a series of posts on my blog explaining why

Why I may not have been a good enough friend to you recently

Why I have not been in touch with you as much as you hoped

Why I have taken so long to write your review

Why I have been self centred

Why I have not played with you as much as I should

Why I have been forgetful

Why my mind has been elsewhere

I may look like a swan who calmly and gracefully glides around the pond

In the words of Mr Tumble

‘Underneath the water my legs are really paddling. Paddling!’

I have a rather sorry tale to tell

And I am so sorry if it makes you sad.

6 thoughts on “A Sorry Tale To Tell

  1. Sorry? Never ever ever. You have nothing to be sorry about. All mums feel sorry for something or other. I am sorry that I made my son a cottage pie for dinner tonight when he maintained he had told me he hated cottage pie the last time I made it & I forgot. Trivial, but still. It comes with the territory. You are an exemplary mother, an eloquent writer, and I am certain an unwavering friend and the very best mum to the twins.
    Just keep swimming. (Dory- Finding Nemo) X

  2. Your an amazing woman, life is dealing you some sad sad times, but through it all you continue, because you have to and because you are the woman you are.
    Never be sorry, no one needs an explanation, our hearts go out to you for the journey you have been through, wishing and praying that the days, months ahead, get to be brighter, lift you up to smile and enjoy being with those around you who love you, sending love and wishes for a kinder more gentle future for you x

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