Plan Toys Numbers One To Ten: A Toad Test for The Toadstool

At the moment William is desperate to learn all he can about numbers.

It started with Thomas, of course, but now he is reading numbers wherever he goes.

Car number plates, phone numbers, breakfast cereal packaging, page numbers in books.

He loves to update our calendar every morning which means he now knows the days of the week and their order and is really confident with numbers up to 30.

Knowing numbers to 30 has also been helped very much by Thomas and the fact that his favourite engine, Luke, is number 22.

William explores numbers he sees around him everyday, he also has counting books and books that are designed to help him learn to write numbers.

He has no desire to write though, at all!

His Daddy has also now made him a computer program that helps with knowing and making numbers.

For the last two weeks we have also been using Wooden Number Tiles from Plan Toys to extend his enjoyment and understanding of numbers.

The wooden number tiles are double sided.

On one tile there is the number in digits and dots. On another tile is the same number in words and in pictures.

The Plan Toys numbers are a beautiful toy for the home but also an excellent resource for an early years setting.

They are really tactile as the pictures are bright and colourful but also indented so you can explore numbers with your eyes and your hands.

You can match the digits to the word, the dots to the pictures, the pictures to the digits

You can use the single digits to make some larger numbers

We have had to make some digit cards to complement the pack so that William can make 99 and 55 and the all important 22.

There is a video here of William talking about numbers. Typically once the camera is on he does not show off as I would like him to, but it is very cute and it shows you the beauty of the Plan Toys Numbers One to Ten.

The numbers can be used for ordering and colour matching, counting activities, doubling and some simple calculation work.

Esther and William love getting them out and ordering the numbers and the pictures.

They love any matching activities.

They also love being challenged to make larger numbers.

The tiles from Plan Toys are also great for one to one correspondence when counting, something young toddlers can find really really hard.

Esther and William can count up to 10 and back again confidently now. They easily order the numbers.

This is a great toy for introducing children to simple number concepts. As with all toys sold by The Toadstool when not in use it could be used as a beautiful nursery or playroom display.

The Plan Toys Numbers One to Ten cost £15 and I think they provide great value for money and are a wonderful example of a toy that encourages true learning through play.

A huge thumbs up from my two on this Toad Test.

We were sent one set of numbers from The Toadstool for the purpose of this review.

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