How To Catch A Star Ten for Ten Part Two


Today we continued our activities marking the tenth anniversary of Oliver Jeffers’ How To Catch A Star

Inspired by Meet The Dubiens we made sand paper starfish.

sand paper starfish

First I printed off a starfish template from the Internet as none of my stars were looking fishy enough.

I collected together sand paper, PVA glues, glitter glue, glitter shakers and googly eyes.

I also got two pieces of blue felt to use as the sea.

I like the idea of the contrast between the rough sand paper and the soft, fuzzy felt.

set up

I drew the starfish on to the sand paper and cut them out.

Ready for glue and for glitter!

We put the sand paper starfish on to some scrap paper

We then covered them generously in PVA glue


Then covered them in glitter

Using all the different colours we could find

Esther and William love using glitter

They are quite heavy handed

But they had a wonderful time!

glitter star

When the fish were completely covered

We let them dry a little and added some glitter

To the blue felt sea

I tried to show Esther how to make seaweed or waves

But she was happier freestyling

And actually her way looked better than mine in the end

I think she is a natural glitterer!

glitter sea

By this time we had lost William

He was off building tracks for trains

Esther and I stuck the star fish in the sea

And added the googly eyes

And there they were

Our finished super star fish!

finished fish

Do you understand the link to the story?

If you have not read How To Catch A Star please do. It is a magical book filled with awe and wonder and stars!

We were sent one copy of Oliver Jeffers’ How To Catch A Star 10th Anniversary Edition for the purpose of this review.

2 thoughts on “How To Catch A Star Ten for Ten Part Two

  1. Lovely. This looks like lots of fun – if only I could make peace with letting the girls loose with glitter…!
    Allegra was given this book for Christmas by one of our relatives and she really enjoys reading it and asks me lots of questions about how the little boy goes up and down from the moon!

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