The Gap at the table this Fathers’ Day

Next week is Father’s Day

It is one of those days in our house

That is really really hard

David and I are lucky in that we both still have our Dads

But for David

Fatherhood has not been easy

He is an amazing, inspiring father

Totally hands on

Often doing more round the house than me

Keeping me going when I am at my lowest

It was not easy for David to become a Daddy

He almost lost me as I tried to become a Mummy

Our journey through NICU with 27 week twins was terrifiying

And just as we were finding our feet with three children under two and a half

Baby Tilda died

I am so incredibly proud of David

He is stronger and more inspirational than I could ever be

But Father’s Day is a difficult one in our house

Because our beautiful Baby Tilda is missing

The pain of the gap at our table

The tug at the rip in our hearts

Is made all the more piercing

By the giddy excitement of Esther and William

Because we know that our two should be three

Soon four

We love and cherish David everyday

On Father’s Day we reflect on how far we have come

And we know, in our hearts, we are doing well

To still be standing

And to be standing together

United in our love for each other

And for all of our children

I know I count my blessings every day

For meeting, knowing and loving David

And for the fact

That no matter what

He unbelievably loves me

conquering mountains

At the moment there is a flash giveaway on my blog

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Making Daddy the star of the story

I want to tell you a little about our Daddy

My David

My husband

My children’s father

Jennie & David-172

Our Daddy is strong

Our Daddy is brave

Our Daddy loves cuddles

Our Daddy loves to play

skimming stones

Our Daddy tells stories

Our Daddy builds dens

Our Daddy is a monster

And a dragon and a shark

Our Daddy is our friend

daddy on top

Our Daddy is an explorer

Our Daddy loves adventure

Our Daddy is an inventor

Our Daddy makes exciting things

car made by daddy

Our Daddy is very useful

He likes collecting useful things

He always guards the batteries

And mends our broken toys


Daddy does computers

And other geeky things

He is a planner and a plotter

And a doer of clever things


Our Daddy is very patient

He is gentle and he is kind

Our Daddy loves good music

He loves good books to find


Our Daddy makes apple cider

Our Daddy even cooks

Our Daddy is very handsome

Mummy loves his arms, his eyes, his looks

David Speech

Our Daddy is our hero

He looks after us if we cry

Our Daddy kisses us better

He loves us every day

We could not wish for a better Daddy

He is the best in every way

smiles and laughter

We know our Daddy is sometimes sad

As our sister is in the sky

But we know he loves us all the more

With every day that passes by


Our Daddy is truly super

If something needs doing he can

He is a super hero

He is our super man


Make your Daddy feel special on Father’s Day

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6 thoughts on “The Gap at the table this Fathers’ Day

  1. What a beautiful post. I am so glad you and David have each other. For me, it was all summed up at Matilda’s funeral, when David carried that tiny coffin in his arms. I could see that day that he was your super hero and I hope he always will be. I hope next weekend is gentle on him, and you.
    X x x

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