Child Safety Week: Monitoring with Tommee Tippee Review and Giveaway

Our Child Safety Week did not get off to a good start

A very poorly Esther suffered her first ever febrile convulsion

And the rest of us were sent racing back to the night of 2nd February 2013

Were we watching our eldest daughter die

In much the same way her baby sister did not 17 months before?

Parenting is a wonderful blessing

It is also an enormous responsibility

And days can be filled with dread and fear

After a baby dies

It is difficult to have any perspective

You always assume the worst

You are over protective

Ever cautious

There is no other way you can be

But at the same time

You have to let your children live their lives

Ensure that they do not grow up full of fear

Make sure that they live their life to the full

Not scared to try new things

But with a respect for their own health and safety

It is hard

I am a mother who believes children should be allowed to take risks

But oh my goodness, my heart is in my mouth when they do

For me though

It is about safeguarding their health the best that I can

At the same time protecting mine and David’s sanity

Parenting after loss is not easy

Every day throws up a new challenge

A new fear that you had not thought of before

Most recently in the news Secondary Drowning

Most recently in our home febrile convulsions

And Sudden Infant Death

Just a week or so after Tilda died

Esther was poorly with a croupy cough

Tommee Tippee very kindly and very speedily sent us a monitor

I think they could tell the emotional state that we were in

Having such a poorly Esther

So soon after losing Tilda

At this time Esther was two and a half

She was still sleeping in her cot

Tommee Tippee sent a Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad

tommee tippee monitor

We placed the pad under Esther’s mattress

And set up the video so that we could watch her through the night

I think in hindsight she sounded a lot more poorly than she was

But the sound of croup is terrifying enough

Without having just lost a baby in their sleep suddenly

And not really knowing the exact reason why

The sensor pad fits under your baby’s or toddler’s mattress and sounds an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds

It enabled us to have some sleep while Esther was sounding so poor

One of the things about croup is that because of the way it affects their breathing

You know that they are breathing because of that distinct raspy sound

But the monitor gave us the added reassurance that we needed

That our daughter was okay

The video was also invaluable

Meaning we could keep an eye on her throughout the night

Without constantly disturbing her

And William who of course shares her room

The monitor has lots of useful features that can help give a parent peace of mind

The video monitor has infrared vision, meaning even if your child sleeps in a blacked out room as ours do, you can still see them clearly on the screen at night

The sensor pad has three levels of sensitivity so that you can adjust it according to your needs and taking into account things like the depth of the mattress

The sensor pad alarms if there is no movement detected for 20 seconds

David and I have been going round in circles for weeks, months

About how best to monitor Rainbow Baby when she comes

We will be keeping this Tommee Tippee monitor for nights we are unsure about Esther

But we will also be getting a sensor pad monitor for the new baby too

For a brilliant and detailed review of the Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor and sensor pad please read my beautiful friend Merry‘s review here

for your chance to win a Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad please read on to the end of this post

Before I get to the giveaway I want to tell you about the Tommee Tippee product that this week we could not have done without

It is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Ear Thermometer

tommee tippee ears

Ever since her febrile convulsion on Monday we have been closely monitoring the temperature of both Esther and William

This thermometer is so simple to use and beeps to say it has read the child’s temperature

It also has a special beep or alarm that immediately lets you know if a temperature is above 37.5 degrees

We checked Esther every few hours and as soon as there was a sign of a rise in temperature

We gave her the Calpol or Nurofen that she needed

We do tend to check each reading more than once to ensure we are getting an accurate result

The thermometer stores up to nine readings so that you can track a rise or fall in temperature

The great thing is because it is so simple to use you can check a child’s temperature

While they are asleep

We did this with Esther on Tuesday night and her temperature had risen again

Over 38 degrees

We were able to give her Calpol and a drink and take off her vest to cool her down

When trying to keep your children safe

While looking after their health

Tommee Tippee are a great brand to know

Please take some time to browse their website and see which products they have

That might prove useful in your household

The website is also full of helpful tips and advice for parents of babies and toddlers

If you think that the Digital Video Monitor with Sensor Pad is the product for you then you can try and win one right here

Good Luck!

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120 thoughts on “Child Safety Week: Monitoring with Tommee Tippee Review and Giveaway

  1. The video monitor is a fantastic idea to be able to easily check that baby hasn’t rolled onto its tummy without disturbing them

    • What a completely fantastic device. I would love to give one of these to my Daughter for her Baby, he has x 2 Heart conditions and she is ever vigilant but, this device would make life safer and indeed easier!!

  2. I too am parenting after a loss. It is completely terrifying. My rainbow is now 1 but I am constantly checking on her and making sure she is ok. I would love the video monitor as it would enable me to check on her at night without disrupting her sleep by going in her room (creaky flooboards and my cat following me meowing loudly normally result in an awake baby!)

  3. Sounds like you had a really horrible experience in your family the other night, I was reading the blog post and crying, we have 2&3 year old boys and a 3 month old little girl and although we haven’t had any febrile convulsions we have had to rush our boys to the A&E couple of times when they’ve been really sick, it’s scary, very scary, I’m always threading the worst even though we haven’t been through anything that even resembles what you have, big hugs to you and I’m SO happy to hear Esther is doing so much better already! <3

    I would really love a baby monitor as Anneliisa will soon move into her own room (well in couple of months time give or take) and one of those digital ear thermometers would be very handy x

  4. The digital ear thermometer would be an amazing addition to our medical box, with having 3 little ones, 1 @ 3yrs 1 @ 2yrs and 1 @ 3months :D

  5. I’d love the video monitor. We have a sensor pad monitor which we still use for zack, and I’m loathed to stop using it when the baby comes so the baby can use it. Winning one would be fab.

  6. Several of my friends are having babies soon, so I’m sure they’d be pleased to own any of these products – that’s if they haven’t bought them already!

  7. I think the digital thermometer is fab – we have a cheap one but it’s held under the arm or tongue so this one sounds much better

  8. I love the idea of a Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad, it will be great to have the reassurance of both the pad and the monitor!

  9. For us, the video monitor would be invaluable when our second baby arrives in September – we didn’t have one for our first daughter and on reflection, it would have saved a lot of worry, increased our ability to sleep and saved us plenty of running up and down the stairs!

  10. I’d love the Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor with Sensor Pad as I like that it provides reassurance when your little ones are asleep.

  11. we have one of the ear thermometers, so much better than the forehead ones you get, knowing how accurate it is

  12. The video monitor would be invaluable to us. We had a sensor mat when Alfie was smaller but because I couldn’t see him I still had to go physically check on him. He has had problems with his chest since being born and we did have an apnea alarm for a short while. It would be great to have the video monitor for when girl bump arrives x

  13. I would have said the formula feed making machine but now we’re no longer making formula feeds would be the video monitor for sure. Whilst it’s great I can hear my baby in her room I still can’t help but wish I could see her as well.

  14. I love tommee tippee but I would have to choose their digital video monitor and sensor pad. I had a miscarriage last year so this would give me peace of mind when baby is sleeping. fingers crossed

  15. I would love the video monitor and sensor mat for my best friend who is due her rainbow in November. She found out this week that she is having a boy and I think at last is starting to believe she might get her much wanted baby. I know the monitor works give her untold peace of mind.

  16. I think their Multi-Use Thermometer would be very useful right from the start. It looks easy to use and read and small enough to take anywhere!

  17. I’ve never used a video monitor but they seem such a good idea, sounds like you’ve had another tough time, febrile convulsions are so scary hope she’s on the mend xx

  18. I like the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easivent 260ml Bottles. I Always have them around for my baby and the design of these bottles are just perfect. Great Product! :)

  19. The digital monitor because peace of mind is invaluable plus my eldest used to wake up, but was content to just stay in her bed so if my youngest is the same this would be great so I can see if she is awake

  20. Definitely the video monitor. Not only would it give piece of mind when used for what it was designed for, but also, once that function was no long needed, it could be good for home security.

  21. I am nana to be to my daughter Kate @dollybowbow s baby #babybowbow due in 7 weeks. To be honest both these products are on her really need list.I can remember 24 years ago constantly watching to see her breathing hopefully this would help Kate and take a little of this burden away.I wish you well for the remainder of your pregnancy.
    Luv Tracy x

  22. Digital video monitor so I wouldn’t have to worry constantly and keep checking on my son, therefore disturbing his rest.

  23. I would love to win the digital video monitor, I am due to have my second baby in february. And one of these is top of my list of things to buy. I wish I had one for my little boy, my partner and I were total nervous wrecks when he was really little. This would definitely ease the paranoia!

  24. The video monitor as this would put our mind at easy while our baby girl is sleeping as we cant really relax while she is sleeping this way we can watch her while she sleeps

  25. Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad because I am always worrying what the little one is up to when we put him down for a sleep and to be able to see him would be a big reassurance.

  26. The digital monitor would be great for my son and dauther – in – law for peace of mind when their new third baby is in another room

  27. The video monitor would be the best for me to watch the kids as they both have potentially deadly heart conditions so this would give me some peace of mind

  28. The video monitor would be brilliant to watch my youngest to watch weather she is going to sleep or not when am putting her to bed x

  29. We’d love to have a video monitor for when our little one arrives this September. My oldest who is now 4 used to get quite poorly as a baby in Winter time and having this would be so reassuring.

  30. I’d like to try the monitor for my son to use with his kids. My son had a convulsions when he was a baby, we spent a couple of nights in hospital. Its the scariest thing that ever happened to me!

  31. Even if my baby sleeps in my room, I still use a monitor under his mattress. Call me paranoid but I am just too worried that something can happen and I know that by having a monitor which will alert me, makes me sleep better and know I’m doing everything I can to protect my child. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone!

  32. The monitor, such a fantastic device!! Our stairs creak so loud it disturbs when we want to check, such a great thing, and the piece if mind fabulous

  33. This one, and I’m not just saying that. I’ll explain.
    My daughter in law ‘s baby is due at Christmas. My grandson is 10.

    We have to start again with everything and as she is so much older she
    is seeming to worry more ! When she had Jaret, they lived in a flat, so easy to
    pop in an check on him. This time it’s a house and she really is fussing about
    it all ! This would be a treasure for her.

  34. Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad, beacuse i know i’m going to be a crazy first time mummy who wants to keep tabs on my little one ALL the time!

  35. I would like the Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad, What a fabulous piece of equipment, for peace of mind & reassurance. x

  36. The digital video monitor would be perfect as I am hoping to put my little girl into her own room in the next few weeks…She’s growing to quickly!

  37. The video monitor system would be great then I could gaze adoringly without disturbing- why are sleeping babies sooooo cute? LOL!

  38. I would love the Digital Video Monitor with Sensor Pad as I am expecting the arrival of my second child any day now and I’m actually more concerned about the danger of SIDS this time around than last time. Plus it would be incredibly handy to have a video monitor once the girls are sharing rooms so I can keep an eye on them both!

  39. I would love the Video Monitor. My boys (4 and 1) will be “moving in together” soon to make space for a joint playroom, would be great to be able to see what the cheeky monkeys are up to when it’s bed time :)

  40. Like most people on here are saying, I think the video monitor would be my choice, simply for the reassurance it offers. I have a newborn baby girl (6 days old) and even though I also have a son so have done it all before, you do still hold your breath until you hear them make a sound. It’s so important for mums to have that assurance so they can sleep when the opportunity presents!

  41. Tommee Tippee manual breast pump was most useful thing which helped me to establish breastfeeding and don’t give up so easy!

  42. The video monitor with sensor mat looks like a great idea, im currently pregnant and I think this would give me peace of mind. I like the look of the perfect prep machine too!

  43. The video monitor. We have just moved our little boy into a “big boy’s bed” and so we can no longer use the motion sensor part of his existing monitor. I’d love a video monitor so I can keep an eye on him without going in to him.

  44. I think the video monitor is a fantastic idea. I lost my son 2 years ago (he is my youngest) i think had i the opportunity to check on him more regularly it would been amazing. I could see the video monitor in particular saving quite a few parents the same heartache x

  45. The video monitor, I’m afraid I’m one of life’s “checkers” who keeps popping in to see that normal breathing is happening! so that would be invaluable to me

  46. Definitely the video monitor as we are about to move our 8 month old little girl into her own room and are nervous about it!

  47. the video monitor, i have 3 girls in one bedroom, 6years, 17monnths and 6months, so it would be nice to be able to see in their room without going in and disturbing them

  48. I would like to win the Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor with sensor pad as this is my first child and I will be extra paranoid about his safety

  49. I’d like Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor because it has two way talk back which I think is an essential function in a monitor and many don’t have it.

  50. I would love the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature digital thermometer as I use a card one on their forehead which i’m not sure is accurate

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