Calafant Tree House Giveaway for Asobi Toys

Today we painted our tree house from Calafant

Esther and I had built the model

With help from Daddy

Today Esther, William and I painted it

Esther wanted to use her rainbow pony for inspiration

And so we worked together to make a rainbow tree

That through development and discussion

Became a rainbow apple tree

We talked and laughed and painted together

Mixing colours and sharing ideas



Making a model

Making memories

Having fun

I tried to let Esther and William do what they wanted to do

And we are all rather pleased with the results


rainbow painting


adding apples

rainbow apple tree house

We have loved building and painting our Calafant Tree House

It has been a lovely way to play and make as a family

A project that has provided us with a place to play

To make stories, set scenes

Explore our imaginations

We are not the only people to love Calafant

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And if you would like a Calafant Tree House of your very own

Then you can fill in the Rafflecopter form to try and win one

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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