Time Travel with James Villas

James Villas have been looking back at travel over the last thirty years

I have found the facts they uncovered really interesting

And I think that you will too

30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic
James Villa Holidays – 30 Years of Travel Infographic

As a family we do not really holiday abroad

David is not much of a holiday fan to be honest

He would much rather stay at home

Work on the house and play in the garden

With three small children travel is not always easy

And holidays can be really hard work

But we do go on holiday at least twice a year

We go to Coombe Mill Farm in May

For Baby Tilda’s birthday

And in the summer we go on an extended family holiday

With David’s side of the family


We like to holiday near water

Coombe Mill is on a river and near the sea

The family break is always by a lake or near the sea

Water has always been important to David and I

But even more so since Tilda died

And we let her ashes sail to the sky

ashes anniversary

The last few extended family holidays

We have had access to a private pool

It has been wonderful

And meant that there has been something to do

Whatever the weather

Esther and William learned to swim without armbands in a week this summer

They were swimming for hours each day

And they and Daddy had a wonderful time

ullswater paddlers

Bea was only a few weeks old

Having the pool

And good wifi access

Made all the difference to us going on holiday at that time

Or not


Next year the extended family holiday is not happening

David and I have been looking at somewhere to go away

In the summer

With friends

And we think that we have found the perfect place

When looking, our considerations mirror many of those

In the James Villas inforgraphic

Wifi is important

It used to be just mobile signal

Now it has to be Wifi and 3G

A nice space to relax with a book

Reading has always been a big part of our holidays

Though we are increasingly reading on devices

Rather than leafing through the pages of books

glass books

We looked for a place close to the sea

A place that is private

Not too crowded with people we do not know

It had to be near places of interest

But in space of it’s own


When looking for a holiday property

I do it all online

I search websites

And ask for opinions and suggestions on Twitter

I have not been inside a travel agents

Or browsed a brochure in years

Perhaps it would be different if we were venturing abroad

But I suspect not

Searching and researching is so much more easy online

One of the many reasons Internet is needed on holiday

Days out and emergency supplies are so much easier to find online

I think going on holiday is so important

Even with wifi and mobile phones

We still spend more quality time together on holiday

There are still less distractions on holiday

We get out and about

Do different things

We see new places


Even with gadgets and gizmos

And the general speed of life

Holidays do encourage relaxation

And enable us to wind down


So whether it is Italy or Oz

USA or Spain

Ullswater or Devon

1984 or 2014

It is good to get away

jennie and dave aug 08 103

It is good to get away

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