Solar Eclipse Eve

Esther and William are staying home tomorrow morning

We are going to watch tonight’s CBeebies Stargazing episode about the eclipse

We are going to play outside in the morning twilight

We will act out the moon blocking the sun

We will talk about it watching the eclipse live on TV

We will try to make a pin hole viewer

Then when they have had this once in their childhood experience

They will go to school and hopefully talk about it for Show and Tell

When they come home we will be making playdough suns

And paper plate moons

And eating a space themed tea

We will not look directly at the sun

But we will experience the eclipse with all our senses

Will you?

eclipse eve

3 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Eve

  1. Love the quote, I was struggling with keeping my son off school in the morning and learning from experience whilst the solar eclipse happens and actually getting into trouble with school.I am going to keep him at home as he says it is the perfect Geography and science lesson.

    • We did not see much but we felt the cold and we talked about it in so much more depth than they would have done at school. Some things are more important than your school attendance record I think x

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