Sleeping With Bea: The SnuzPod

Before Bea was born I did A LOT of research into safe sleep and sleep products

I read a lot about breathability and temperature regulation

I looked at bedding styles and materials

Places for babies to sleep

I studied thermometers, night lights and monitors

Before Bea was born I had plans and ideas

For using things and machines to keep her safe

Every plan and idea was forgotten the moment I first held my Rainbow Baby in my arms

I knew then that I would never let her go

In almost 8 months I haven’t

I let one baby die alone in her cot

I will not let it happen to another

I am Bea’s fiercest protector

I am her bed, her thermometer and her monitor

She is always with me

And if tragedy were to strike here again

If another baby is to die suddenly and unexpectedly

With no rhyme, no reason, no cause

Then she will die in my arms

Not away from me and alone


But I realise that my circumstances are unique to me

And most mummies, most parents

Need to know about the safest and best options for their babies

After Baby Tilda died

David and I created a super safe sleeping haven for Esther and William

And it will soon be time to do the same for Bea

Most parents will want to do this from the very start

From the first night they bring their newborn home

They will want a safe place to lay their baby down to sleep

To those parents

I recommend the SnuzPod

There are moses baskets that I really like for other rooms in the house

(More about those in a ‘Coming Soon’ post)

But for me, for the bedroom

It has to be the SnuzPod


The concept of a bedside crib was not a new one for me

We had a twin cosleeper for Esther and William in 2010

They shared their little bed

Attached to our bed

For the best part of their first year

Tilda did not have one

She had a traditional wicker basket

But very rarely slept in it

Bea was to have a SnuzPod

And it arrived with us before she did

2014-08-29 15.23.08

David unpacked the SnuzPod and set it up

We both really liked the look of the crib

And were not disappointed with it once it arrived

The quality of the wood was clear to see and feel

The crib is well built

It feels strong, sturdy and safe

It was easy for David to put together

And easy to attach to our bed


The SnuzPod comes in a range of finishes

We chose natural wood to match our bedroom

It really is a stunning looking crib

And it is roomy too

Suitable from 0 – 6 months

Bea is a big baby

And at nearly 8 months

She can still fit comfortably inside


The SnuzPod makes cosleeping safer

By giving your baby a safe space of their own that is right beside you

There is a zipped wall with a mesh viewing window

When the wall is up it is still easy to see baby through the mesh

When the wall is down you are right beside one another

Able to touch and comfort your baby

Able to move her closer to you for feeding in the night

Able to check her temperature

Her breathing


The SnuzPod encourages a strong mother and baby bond

It facilitates easier night feeding

It brings parents and babies closer together

For sleep

In a safe way

The SnuzPod is cleverly designed

You can rock the crib on the stand

To soothe baby to sleep

You can also take the top section off

To make a bassinet for enabling baby to sleep wherever you are

At the ends of the pod there are rails for hanging muslins and spare clothes

A shelf underneath the pod provides storage for nappies, wipes and spare bedding

Together these things mean you have quick and easy access to essential you might need overnight

The Little Green Sheep Company sell the perfect bedding to fit their SnuzPod

Mattress, fitted sheets, mattress protector

They sell blankets too

But we chose to use the newborn sleep pouch with Bea

Until she was big enough for a Grobag

Because of our situation we have not used the SnuzPod every night

But I know that if Bea had been my first baby

If we had not lost Tilda to SIDS

Then I definitely would


I love the idea of having baby sleeping safely beside me

I love the idea of being able to soothe and feed baby from my bed

The bedside crib is a great idea

I believe The Snuzpod is the best on the market

And I am not alone

The Mother and Baby Awards and Loved By Parents believe so too

I have made a video sharing my thoughts on the Snuzpod and safe sleep

I would really love for you to watch it

The Little Green Sheep is a family business

A business that gets my custom because of their amazing products

But also because they support The Lullaby Trust

This week they have been working hard to promote

The Trust’s Safer Sleep Week

I was lucky enough to get to chat to the team

And ask them some questions

And now I am happy to share their answers with you

lgs story

When choosing a mattress for a new baby, what are the important things to think about?

We are passionate about educating parents about the importance of buying a quality mattress for their baby. We all know that babies spend the majority of their time sleeping, so it is vital as parents we make their environment as safe, comfortable and supportive as possible. For maximum support, the lullaby trust advise that babies should be on a firm mattress for the first 18 months and this is something we endorse at The Little Green Sheep. We provide three different mattresses in every size imaginable to suit parent’s needs, all of which are 100% chemical free. Our natural coir mattress is our standard cot mattress, which provides the recommended firmness from birth up to 3 years. Our organic wool mattress is extra breathable and perfect for babies that suffer from allergies or eczema. It’s also the only mattress in the UK to be certified organic by the Soil Association! Finally, the Twist is our bestselling design, which lasts from birth up to 7 years, making it a great investment. The double sided mattress offers a choice of firmness to grow with your child.

What makes LGS mattresses different to others on the market?

We are very proud to have launched the UK’s first certified and chemical-free Organic Cot Mattress and we have been committed to using our eight years of expertise to specialise in providing parents the highest quality organic mattresses ever since. As mentioned above, we have an extensive range of mattresses in different sizes to cater for every parent and best of all, each one is 100% chemical free. We even offer a custom service so we can always guarantee a perfect fit. Whether it’s for the cot, bed, Moses basket, bedside crib, pram or a travel mattress, we can guarantee the ultimate quality. We take care to make sure our mattresses are 100% chemical-free to help ensure a safe, natural night’s sleep for your baby. Our breathable, anti-allergy mattresses offer lasting support and come complete with a 5 year guarantee! Over 6kgs of Organic Welsh Wool goes into every Little Green Sheep organic cot mattress (6 times more than other natural cot mattresses!). Together with the organic cotton, coconut fibre and latex, the wool helps to provide a long-lasting supportive cot mattress and makes for a natural anti-dust mite baby mattress for your baby.

What inspires your ideas for new products?

As a brand we have always been very focussed on our customers and in doing so naturally gain understanding into parents needs and how we can make better products. Most of the great new ideas are born from some simple feedback, and in recent years we have also been able to draw on our own experiences as parents which has been invaluable.

After the success of the SnüzPod do you have any plans for creating a sleep space for older / bigger babies?

We have lots of very exciting things coming up for SnüzPod this year and all will be revealed very soon in the coming months ahead! As for providing a sleep product for the next size up, sure it is the next logical step for the brand. However in line with the values that made SnüzPod such a great success, we will only ever launch a product that has real benefits for parents and so it will be the public who really decide on if and how this happens.

How did you come to work with The Lullaby Trust and why do you continue to support them?

Our relationship with the Lullaby Trust goes back years to when the company started. Upon developing our range of natural and organic mattresses we committed and invested a lot in research, and it was here that we decided to develop a mattress which followed the recommendations and advice that the Lullaby Trust provide. We are a regular fundraiser for the charity and founders Mark and Paul have stopped at nothing to raise some cash for the charity (see pic).

What do you think we could all be doing to make sure the Safer Sleep message is heard?

By supporting campaigns such as the Lullaby Trust’s #SaferSleepWeek on social media is a great way to spread the message and ensure parents are getting access to the right information and being made aware. As a company, we always ensure the information we provide is clear, up to date and supportive!

How is the training for the Wolf Run going?

In all honesty, mixed! We’ve got certain people going for 10k runs on their day off and others who are starting to get a little nervous as April creeps closer….But the team are excited and anyone who isn’t taking part will be supporting from the sidelines! We are hoping to keep getting support and donations in the upcoming weeks.

If you would like to support LGS and through them The Lullaby Trust you can sponsor them for The Wolf Run here

To find out more about Safer Sleep Week please visit The Lullaby Trust

If you are expecting a newborn baby or know someone who is, please do tell them about the SnuzPod


We were sent our SnuzPod free of charge for the purpose of this review

5 thoughts on “Sleeping With Bea: The SnuzPod

  1. I do not blame you at all for letting Bea sleep in your arms all the time . But the snuzpod looks amazing and so roomy and safe for a baby. I wish I had of got something like this for Jacob as looks like it will last a lot longer then his Moses basket did. I wish I was planning more babies just so I could buy all the lovely baby products like this that I keep discovering xx

  2. Oh what a lovely review, I so adore seeing pictures of the beautiful Bea.
    I adore this system and its one I was so hoping to get for baby Michael (I think it will make the nightly feeds so much easier) but Michael thinks the Moses basket we have saved from Tia is fine! I think it’s brilliant that Bea still fits in it, what brilliant value for money x

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