Oglee Poglee Craft Box Review

Esther is nearly five

She likes many things

But there is nothing that she really loves

She quite likes ponies

She likes unicorns

She quite likes fairies

And has just discovered Disney

She likes small world play

And making things

She likes to draw and paint

She likes stories

And music

And pretending to put on shows

She likes a lot of things

Butterflies being one of them

She has a little felt bag

Filled with plastic butterflies

And often when asked to draw something on paper

Or paint something on the computer

It is often a butterfly that she will choose

When I was approached by Oglee Poglee to test out one of their craft boxes

Bugs and Butterflies

With Esther in mind

I immediately agreed

Oglee Poglee craft boxes are a little different

To others I have seen before

They are not as prescribed as some

And offer inspiration and ideas

More than specific crafts and activities

They provide materials that can be used in different ways

To make many different things

bug box

Esther enjoyed making bugs and beasties

Inspired by our many minibeast books

The set does actually come with a story book

story book

The book in the Bugs and Butterflies Box

Sees Oglee Pip hunting in the long grass

For minibeasts

Oglee Pip is a curious little monster who spends his days exploring new things.

He always has his explorer’s satchel in which he carries his magnifying glass, a magic button, his note book and a pen.

Pip loves to collect interesting things and is always drawing what he sees in his notebook.

The best thing Pip ever found was his magic button. He soon realised the button was magic and now it goes with him on every Adventure. When Pip rubs the magic button amazing things happen.

At the back of the story booklet

You will find a list of activities

Linked to the story and the theme of the box

All the materials you need and more

Are included in the kit


The excess materials facilitate children having their own ideas

And coming up with their own creations

I love this aspect of the craft box

It means I felt able to follow Esther’s lead

She wanted to make pictures

Bug collages

She chose a nature background

Mounted her choice on green card

Decorated the border with stickers

And then added her bugs

Each bug unique

With it’s own Esther design

She was very proud of her creature creations

And I loved watching her work

getting stuck in

I tried to encourage Esther to make some minibeast models

To work in 3D

But she did not want to

However now that we are busy planning

Our Ugly Bug Ball birthday party

We are going to be embarking on more junk modelling and craft

Inspired in part by our Oglee Poglee Pack

getting started

These craft boxes would make wonderful gifts

I think they are perfect for party pass the parcel presents

As they are appropriate for ages 4 – 7

They are great for taking away on holiday

The story book is also a colouring book

You can make characters that can then be used for songs, rhymes

And imaginative, small world play

The Oglee Poglee Boxes provide all you need

For hours of creative fun

Just add imagination!

bug art

Esther is nearly five

She likes many things

She really likes Oglee Poglee Craft Boxes

We were sent one Oglee Poglee Box for the purpose of this review

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