A Pram For All Occasions and Terrains

In 9 – 11 weeks we will

All being well

Bring our baby daughter home

Setting anxiety and panic aside

It is time to start making plans

We have settled on a name

Now we need to decide on a pram

We currently have an Easywalker Duo

That my parents bought for us when Esther and William were born

Nearly 7 years ago

We have our beloved BOB

And we still have Bea’s pink Ooba

(which I thought we had given away)

The problem is that none of them are quite right

None of them entirely fit our needs anymore

The Duo is very heavy and very large

I am not sure that we have room for it in our car

With four children and all our belongings

When David is with us it could be tied onto the roof

But there is no way I would be able to get it up there on my own

The other thing is that I remember the adaptors for using a carry cot

Were not the easiest to use

And I need things to be easy

This last time

With this last baby

I want and need things to be easy


The BOB that we all adore

Is not really suitable for a newborn

It can be adapted with a carry cot

And though I am sure it is perfectly practical

It does not look very pretty

This is David’s preferred option

He has never liked a pushchair

As much as he likes the BOB

It is perfect for cross country rambling

And off and on road running

It has been wonderful for Bea

For all our family

The pink Ooba is a beautiful pram

Very pretty indeed

But it is not all terrain

Ours is as an early model

And does not have all terrain wheels

As the Cosatto Ooba does now

So while this is a very pretty pram indeed

It is not practical for the home educating

Much more outdoorsy life

That we now lead

And so a new pram is needed

One that does all that we need it to do

As a family out and about all days

Working and playing all ways

Making tracks across all terrains

As a large family

A busy family

A young and growing family

A new pram is needed

For our last baby

So that we may all make the very most

Of this last cherished addition to our family

Here are some of the all terrain prams

That have caught my eye

Stokke Trailz

The Stokke Trailz is a gorgeous pram

One I have had my eye on since it’s release


The carrycot and seat are highly positioned

Making this pram perfect for older mums like me

With lower back problems

Also perfect for maintaining eye contact with your little one

I love parent facing prams designed to open communication

Between parent and child

The all terrain tyres and suspension

Make a smooth ride for baby

Wherever adventures may lead

Cosatto Ooba All Terrain

The Ooba has been redesigned since we reviewed Bea’s

It now has all terrain wheels

And all round suspension

Making it easier to have an Ooba adventure

Anywhere your family chooses to take you

I love the height of the seat on the Ooba

It is also easy to switch between carry cot and seat

The Ooba is light

So easy for me to lift when out and about on my own

I absolutely adore the new Fox Tale design


iCandy Peach All Terrain

I have always loved the look of iCandy prams

I have never had the opportunity to try one

And I would love to


The iCandy Peach All Terrain could be perfect for us

It is designed for performance

And also to turn heads

The carry cot means that the Peach is suitable from birth

It sounds easy to fold

Looks easy to change the seat unit

I think it could go a long way

To making life with a little one easier

Wherever you are

And wherever you go

Silver Cross Surf Multi Terrain

Now this is a pram with our name on



The Silver Cross Surf Henley

This is a super stylish pram

A luxury carriage for a little one

I would love to road test

And off road test

The outstanding multi-terrain performance

I think as a family we could really put a pram like this

Through it’s paces

Apparently it folds really small

And the wheels are easy to take off if needed

The Henley carrycot looks so comfy for a new baby

Being taken out and about on family ventures

The Surf is a stunning looking pram

BOB with Carry Cot

David’s pram of choice

Would be adding a carry cot to our BOB Revolution Pro


While I do adore the BOB

And agree it is the best pram we have had

David can run with it

On and off road

It works in the woods

Goes on the beach

Is great for tracks

And roaming across the fields that surround where we live

It also carries an awful lot of stuff

But it just does not look very nice

With the carry cot attached

And I would look a nice looking pram


This is going to be our last pram

For our last baby

I would like it to meet all of our criteria

Including being nice to push round town

As well as across country


In 9 – 11 weeks we will

All being well

Bring our baby daughter home

Setting anxiety and panic aside

It is time to start making plans

We have settled on a name

Now we need to decide on a pram

Do you have an all terrain pram?

Is there one you would recommend?

3 thoughts on “A Pram For All Occasions and Terrains

  1. Hi there I have the Icandy peach not the all terrain version, the 4 wheeled version. I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to take the seat/pram top off and lift it into the boot. It’s also light and easy to manage. I’ve used it in forest parks, beaches and on rural country roads and my little girl always seemed so comfortable. We used it until she was 2.5. I have just ordered a new mattress for the pram top as I am due my second baby in 8 weeks. I cannot wait to use it again. Best of luck with whatever pram you choose

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