Our Overnight Delivery: The Birth Story of Edie Mae

On Sunday 7th May

International Bereaved Mother’s Day

After four days of waiting

And a failed Propess induction of labour

We were finally taken to the delivery suite

To meet the midwife

Who would help us bring our daughter into the world

And complete our family

It was a little before 7pm

When we were shown to our room

We were booked in by one midwife

And then handed over

To Angela

Who would be with us to deliver our baby

At 20.45 the process to break my waters began

Our midwife was not able to break them

And so the head midwife had to come in and take over

Thankfully there were two of them there

As the waters gushed out of me

Soaking bed pads and dripping on to the floors

The baby’s head was a little high

So the lead midwife was supporting the head

To make sure there was no cord prolapse

The cord did not come out

But one of baby’s hands did

Which the lead midwife managed to put back inside!

One the waters stopped gushing

I was put on to the monitor

Baby was happy

I was advised that I would need to stay strapped to the monitor

Throughout the labour

Because of my age

And the fact that there was light meconium in my waters

(Little Sprinkle had had a poo!)

I was having tightenings before my waters broke

And they began to increase and strengthen quite quickly

Once the membranes were ruptured

I was not happy being strapped up

And being asked to stay sitting on the bed

It was a very odd situation

Me, David and the midwife

Sat in the room

Waiting for me to start labouring

I felt quite awkward

And like everyone was waiting for me to produce

Which they were

The pressure!

To try and reduce the awkwardness

And to make me relax

David and I tried to watch Michael McIntyre on his phone

But sitting strapped to the bed

I was feeling self conscious, nauseous and hot and clammy

I knew that my body would do much better

If I were able to mobilise

My waters were recorded as breaking at 21.15

I had two hours to make progress on my own

Before a plan was made for intervention

The drip!

In the two hours

Though I was having regular contractions

I knew that just sitting there

I had not done enough

When the consultant came round

We agreed that I could have four more hours

That I could come off the monitor

And have the active birth I longed for

Once the plan was in place

My body relaxed

And while listening to Radio 4 comedy broadcasts

My contractions began to ramp up

They strengthened and lengthened

I bounced and rocked on my ball

David massaged my lower back

And let me grip onto his leg and hand

I was determined not to have any pain relief

Until my next deadline of 3am

In the end though

A little before three

The pains became too strong and too fast

I felt the need to get off my ball

And to start using the gas

I knelt on a mat on the floor

Leaned over the bed

And with David talking me through it

And reminding me to breathe

I used the gas and air

By this point I was very emotional

And I was crying real tears

I knew my baby was coming

But I also knew I was not as far along as I might have been

A little after 3am I was examined

And was told I had done enough

There would be no hormone drip for me

My midwife suggested I kneel on the bed

As it would be softer on my knees than the floor

As I was helped to kneel up

I felt the baby drop inside of me

And instantly felt the need to push

I was not really aware of pushing at this point though

My body and gravity were doing the bulk of the work

For much of the time

I could feel baby moving up and down inside of me

As she made her way round the u bend

I really felt like I needed a poo

And my midwife told me this was baby making the space that she needed

I did poo

As baby made her way out

I was mortified but my midwife discreetly cleared up

And we all focused on getting baby out

Once the head began to crown

Angela the midwife coached me as I had requested

When to push

When to nudge

When to pant

When to blow

Delivering Sprinkle’s head hurt

She had her hand beside her face

It had to be done slowly

In a controlled way

Which really stung

But I did not really tear

And once her head was out

Her body easily followed

With warm waters

And my beautiful baby was passed through my legs

And into my arms

30 minutes

From that last examination

To holding our daughter in my arms

She was here

A head full of hair

And covered in vernix

I was so pleased

So relieved

So in love

And still very embarrassed about the poo

But I had done it

Our baby daughter was born

And seeing her

Holding her

I knew

I know

That our little family is complete

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10 thoughts on “Our Overnight Delivery: The Birth Story of Edie Mae

  1. Huge congratulations to you Jennie, I’m so pleased for you all. How amazing that you managed to have an active labour despite the induction, well done you, you’re incredible. I hope you are enjoying lots of newborn cuddles.

  2. I just love the honesty and reality of your post. Poo and all! Well done to you and David for coping so well, to Edie Mae for attempting to enter the world like supergirl (arm-first, in flight!), to your other children, waiting patiently at home for you and to Tilda watching down from her star. Just wonderful x

  3. Oh I do love a birth story. Well done mumma, you did amazing! I am still so gutted that I because of the speed of my delivery, I didn’t think to ask if I could go on all fours to give birth. I’d been told so many times that it’s the best position but mine was an uphill struggle because I didn’t have time to even think! So glad your little lady made it here safely and what a gorgeous girl she is, along with a gorgeous name! Congrats to you all xx

  4. So much love and congratulations to you all; I was glued to instagram, hoping and praying for you. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

    I had my third labour fully monitored for foetal distress and it was bizarre – I felt like the contractions weren’t doing anything even when they were absolutely thunderous. Eventually, I got on my knees, leaning into the bed, still strapped up, and he popped out within twenty minutes. I had terrible back pain for a week afterwards because of contracting lying on my back! I hope you recover quickly, and if you do get a weird clanky jangly back pain, that’s where it’s from.

  5. Ah Jennie, this has made me cry! I’m so happy that you got an active birth, it’s one of my birthing fears being left strapped to a bed and monitors. I am so thrilled that your daughter is safely here. Lots of love, Corinne x

  6. Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your precious and very beautiful baby.
    Wishing you a relaxed recovery and for the days and weeks ahead as your family get to know Edie Mae (stunning name) to be full of wonderful memories you’ll cherish forever.

    (Re: the mortification- I’ve done it too with two of my four. Nothing unexpected at all for the midwives but I understand your feelings).

    Congratulations and take care xxx

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