Edie Mae’s First Dawn: The Morning After Birth

At 3.37am

Our fifth baby

Our fourth daughter was born

I had no idea of the time

From after my final internal examination

A little after 3am

I lost all control of what I was saying

Any sense of volume

And any concept of time

It was strange this final birth experience

Though I was crying and shouting as I always do

Trying to make people understand that I was done

Had had enough

Could not do this anymore

Yada yada yada

David says it was actually the calmest I had been

Through transition and birthing

And I definitely know that despite the craziness

I was quite in control

I was using the gas and air well

Much of the time just biting on the mouth piece

Rather than breathing anything in

I was very aware of David telling me to breathe

And instructions coming from our midwife

Edie cried as soon as she was born

Which was such a relief to me

And I was so so so pleased to finally have her in my arms

I held her and cried

I apologised over and over

For the poo

Kept saying how embarrassed I was

I was also proud

I had done it

Our baby was born

Our last baby was born

And feeling that completeness

I also knew that I would never have to give birth again

And I am quite happy about that

This birth experience as a whole

Has not been fun

And I think that is a lot to do with commitments at home

To our other children

David and I’s relationship

And the fact that as an older mum there is so much more

Caution and intervention

I am happy that I will not be doing it again

All of this was rushing through my mind

As I held my baby girl in my arms

Saying over and over again

She is here

And telling her that I love her

I held on to her

As the umbilical cord was left pulsating

For the maximum time allowed of three minutes

I held on to her as David cut the cord

I held on to her as I had a managed delivery of the placenta

I held on to her as I was examined

As I was told I had some grazing and a first degree tear close to my perineum

I held on to her as my rectum was examined

(All the glamour!)

I held on to her as I had a lovely cup of tea

And a square of darkest chocolate

I held on to our baby girl

On the wall of the birthing room

Were two photos of the sea

Next to the floor to ceiling window

I thought it was a sign from Tilda

Our star of the sea

That whilst labouring I would be able to see

Both the sea and the stars

I wondered if it meant that we should call our daughter Edith Mae

We were unsure between May and Mae

But then as our littlest daughter was weighed

And announced to be just 8lb 3oz

I wondered again about calling her Mabel

Then David said

Why not call her Edith Mabel?

Taking away any decision about how to spell May

Or Mae

I agreed

It is a beautiful name

Edith Mabel

Shortened for us to Edie Mae

After the midwife had finished her checks on Edie and me

After we had been given some tea

David wanted to sleep

He lay on the floor and was soon asleep

While I lay on the bed with Edie

I may have dozed a little

But mostly I was waiting

I was waiting for the dawn

I was waiting for the cafe to open

I wanted a bacon sandwich and more tea!

Having just given birth

And having spent most of the day and night

Bouncing on my ball

Or kneeling up

My legs would not stop shaking

Really violently shaking at some points

The midwife saw me and said it was adrenaline

I was also cold

Edie and I snuggled on the bed

Keeping warm

When 7am came

I woke David up

And put in my request for tea and bacon

It was THE best first food ever

It tasted sooooooo good

After the food I went for a shower

It was so good to wash off all the blood and waters

I then had some toast as a second breakfast

Before a doctor game to give Edie her first medical check

She passed the tests with flying colours

And we getting closer to being ready to go home

David loaded the car

And then armed with sexy stockings and Fragmin injections

To fight off blood clots

It was time to take our fifth and final baby home

And we are home! @nod_pod_baby @theessentialone #ediemae #sprinkleofstardust #newbaby #home #newborn #day1

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4 thoughts on “Edie Mae’s First Dawn: The Morning After Birth

  1. Love reading your beautifully honest blogs. I’m amazed you have the energy and the time which makes them even more enjoyable to read xx

  2. aaah… a warm welcome to Edie Mae.

    So glad that although she took her time to come into the world that she arrived safely.

    Congratulations to the Henley family on your latest addition to the family!

    Good health and happiness to you all today and always.


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