Edie Mae: Insta Day 1

Our fifth and final baby Edie Mae was born on Monday 8th May 2017

She was born at 3.37am after a recorded 30 minutes of active labour

My waters were broken at 9.15pm

But the really powerful contractions

Requiring guidance and pain relief

Did not truly start til 3am

It is funny that you can go through so much

Before you are considered by a midwife to be in active labour

The second stage of labour

Anyway …

The updates in this Insta post

Are all from the morning Edith Mabel was born

And our earliest hours with her at home

And we are home! @nod_pod_baby @theessentialone #ediemae #sprinkleofstardust #newbaby #home #newborn #day1

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Post ballet snuggles #rainbowbaby #sprinkleofstardust #home #newborn #siblings #family #love #newbaby #day1

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