What Edie Wore: The Essential One

The first week of Edie Mae’s life

She, and I, have mostly worn clothes from The Essential One

the essential one

When looking for super comfy

Top quality clothing

For me and my babies this is the first place I look

I do not buy white sleepsuits from anywhere else

I know that I would be disappointed

The Essential One newborn suits are an essential for me

And all our babies have worn them

Starting with Matilda Mae in 2012

The Essential One

Specialise in baby’s first year

With superfine supersoft cotton essentials

That are just that little bit different

I adore brand new babies in white

Especially for bedtime

I like new babies to wear sleepsuits and rompers

For a few months

I am not a fan of dresses and outfits on tiny babies

They are just not practical

And often seem quite uncomfortable for little ones

For day wear though

I do love a floral print

A small motif

A slogan with a heartfelt message

A ruffle bum

I like sleepsuits that are soft



And comfortable

And in my humble opinion

The Essential One

Design, make and sell the best on the market

For the youngest of babies

Starting with the basic white vests and suits

sleepsuit white

100% superfine supersoft cotton

Fully poppered including all the way down each leg

white suit

Integral scratch mittens on all sizes up to 18 months

essential design

Exquisite subtle design detail

Every pack comes with its own self fabric drawstring bag

I love the fabric bags

I use them inside my changing bag

One for spare clean clothes

One for nappies and wipes

I used them in my hospital bags too

One to keep pads and breast pads for me

One for my toiletries

They are also great for collecting and keeping small toys

So many uses!

essential matilda mae

When Matilda Mae was a baby

She wore a vintage floral set from The Essential One

That is not available anymore

But they do have a lovely new vintage floral set

Edie has been wearing them during her first days with us

And they really suit her

Unlike Bea she suits pale pastel colours

And delicate designs

She looks super cute in these essentials

With frill trims, exquisite vintage style print and cute spots2017-05-11 09.22.21

2017-05-09 11.30.55-1

2017-05-10 12.21.12

2017-05-10 14.34.05

We also have these very pretty Made A Wish sleepsuits

Which I think you will agree Edie wears very well!2017-05-12 15.10.52-2

2017-05-12 14.06.40-1

My favourite suits at the moment are the ruffle bums

These have beautiful prints

Thoughtful slogans

They are pretty but practical too

With poppers on the shoulders

For easy dressing

And fully poppered legs

For super quick nappy changes

Which is great for us

As Edie hates being changed

It is the only time she ever cries

The suits as with all Essential One clothing

Is 100% cotton

Super soft against babies’ skin

And quite honestly

Who can resist a ruffle bum?

Too too cute!

ruffle bum

Edie has been with us for one week now

And I am confident that she has been dressed

In the best possible choice of clothes

For such a tiny precious bundle

For our Sprinkle of Stardust

100% cotton

Fully combed and superfine

So gorgeously soft

It really is the best fabric to use against your child’s delicate skin

Fully breathable but has thermal properties which help keep child warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm

There are no nasty trims on the garments

All poppers and metal items are nickel free to avoid irritation

All embroideries have soft inner backings

Even the Essential One label is super soft at the back of your child’s neck

The Essential One have designed

Their clothes

With love

With care and consideration

For new babies and new parents

Designed with comfort, practicality and cuteness in mind vintage essen1

We were sent a range of sleepsuits from The Essential One in exchange for an honest review

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