Tidy Up Time!

One of the things I hate to do is tidy up

I am a good mother

I am not a very good housewife

I am not particularly house proud

And I do not like cleaning

Or tidying up

What I do like to be though is organised

I like everything to have a place

Especially in our playroom

And now in our home classroom

That way everyone in the family can play their part in tidy up time

Because they will know where everything goes

As a Libra

Though I am housework shy

I do like things to look nice

And to be well thought out

I do try to have an eye for design

And favour bright colours

And fun decorationsour new playroom

My children

Aged almost 7

And soon to be 3

Are rubbish at tidying up

It is a real sticking point in our house actually

Not helped by the fact

That our house renovation

While wonderful

Is incomplete

So we do not have enough space and storage for all our belongings

Everything does not have a place

The way I would like

We have a lot still to do

And money to spend

(Money that we do not have)

To make our house a home

The key areas we need to work on

In terms of storage and stuff


The classroom

The children’s bedrooms


My Mezzanine Office

I am so looking forward to designing and dressing this space

Choosing the office furniture

That will help me keep it clean and tidy

A space in the roof of the house

Overlooking the family space downstairs

Where I can sit and write

And take photographs in good natural light

A place to escape to

Just once in a while

This will be my little space

Just as the children’s new individual bedrooms will be theirs

playroom storage

When this next part of our work is complete

When that chapter of our renovation story is written

Our messy house will become a much tidier

More organised home

Which I hope will make us all a little more house proud

And better at tidying up

Especially me!

Are you a good tidy upper?

What are your top tips for keeping your chaos organised and for getting your children to tidy?

Also, have a look at what your horoscope has to say about tidying and mess!


This is a collaborative post

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5 thoughts on “Tidy Up Time!

  1. My tips for housework are to try not to create it in the first place (and then not worry too much about what other mess appears). Basic rules to help with this: no outdoor shoes worn indoors, only slippers; liquid soap not solid soap so no soap marks left on washbasins; use bath foam so no tide marks on the bath. Dust will always gather but a thick layer takes about the same time to remove as a thin layer.
    Tidying: get everyone to help for 5 or 10 minutes. It’s amazing how much a family can achieve. When they’re older you could try 1 hour’s cleaning each with a family reward when time’s up.

  2. Im the same. I like things to look nice but I hate tidying up. Neither of my kids or OH for that matter out things in the right places so it can get out of hand. You have an amazing space for your kids inside and out x

  3. I don’t like tidying but I can’t stand clutter, if there’s too many toys out on the floor or too much paper work spread over the desk I do find I get more stressed. I’m definitely a hoarder like the horoscope says though…

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