10 Reasons The Jane Trider with Matrix Light 2 Works For A Larger Family

I am in the process of making a video for JANE Prams

About their Trider Travel System

With the Matrix Light 2 car seat

Delayed by the reality of life home educating three children

With a brand new baby born into the mix

And then being struck down by a nasty bout of mastitis

I thought I would

In the meantime

Share 10 reasons why the Trider and the Matrix combination

Are so good for a larger family

Who like to get out and about

jane bewl

So here they are …

1. Click and Go
The ISOFIX system makes getting in and out of the car quick and easy.

2. Swivel for Space
The ability to swivel the seat from lie flat to conventional car seat frees up a seat in the car for an extra person or luggage

3. Pop On Pop Off
It is so easy to connect the car seat to the chassis to create an all terrain pram

4. All Terrain
The suspension, tyres and front wheel lock make this a great choice for an active family with an appetite for adventure


5. Easy Fold
The Trider Chassis is very easy to fold and unfold with one hand and foot.

6. Compact Collapse
Once collapsed the chassis is surprisingly compact and would fit into even the smallest boot. The wheels pop on and off very easily making the chassis even easier to transport and store.


7. Suitable for Sleeping Overnight
The Matrix Light 2 can be used for overnight sleeping at home, while on holiday or when visiting relatives. As this is a cat seat you would be able to take it on an aeroplane free of charge for your little one.

8. Handbrake
The Jane Trider has a break on the handle. This makes stopping and starting again super simple. No trying to blindly battle with a foot brake obscured by bags, buggy boards and baby paraphernalia. Be warned though as it easy for parents to manipulate it is easy for over eager little helpers to use too!

buggy board

9. Buggy Board Compatible
Jane do have their own buggy board but we already had a Lascal Maxi Plus which is perfect for Bea. She is a very reluctant walker a lot of the time and this board has a seat meaning that instead of standing for any length of time Bea can sit down. She loves the board and combined with the Trider it makes it so much quicker and easier for us getting from A to B.

10. Easy to Control
The Trider is easy to push and steer with one hand. This is perfect for us as often one of the children will want to hold a hand or I might have to carry an unsettled baby or choose to carry a coffee. Having a light and easy to steer pram is a definite plus as a large family. The car seat though heavier than others on the market is not too heavy to handle with Edie inside. I realise that she is quickly going to get heavier but the ease of use with the ISOFIX and Pro Fix systems mean the unit should still be easy to manipulate. I am looking forward to finding out.

push it

I was sent a Jane Trider and Matrix Light 2 for the purpose of a series of honest reviews

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons The Jane Trider with Matrix Light 2 Works For A Larger Family

  1. Hi Jennie,
    Wrong post I know, but just wanted to give you some suggestions re Bea – been there with a toddler who hated transition to having a baby sibling!
    This is what helped us:
    – one to one time. This is easier than you think, because a really short amount of time seems like forever to a toddler! Ask Granny to stay with E and W and baby, and take Bea out. You will feel like you can’t leave baby, but you can! She’ll be fine for an hour and a half. Feed her then go, she’ll be ok. We did this for a fun, cheap, easy “alone time” date: got the bus into town (only 5 mins, but very exciting for a toddler who is used to only being in the car), then went into the chemist and looked at all the nail varnishes and she was allowed to choose one. We then went to the bakery and she chose a cake to share. Then to the park, where I put down a rug, we are the cake and then painted each other’s toenails. She LOVED it. The whole outing took under 1.5 hours and cost about £5, but meant so much to her. We also built it up before and after by talking about special mummy time alone together.
    Another thing which worked really well was a doll the same size as the baby. We got her to copy whatever we were doing with the baby with her doll, inc giving a bath, putting doll down for a sleep, changing a nappy etc.
    Re your “itchy feet” post and feeling lonely – invite your best friend for a girly sleepover when David is away! She can help put the kids to bed (maybe alllwinf you to do a special bedtime with Be) then you can enjoy dinner and gossip on the sofa whilst feeding, and she can help with a special family breakfast like pancakes in the morning.
    Finally, the golden rule: ask for help! I realized that grandparents, relatives and friends would love to help out by taking the older kids out, or cuddling the baby so you can, but are wary of offering because of this trend of “being led by the parents” – so you HAVE to ask, and I bet you’ll get a yes! Xxx

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