What is in my Changing Bag? Newborn Edition

When you buy the Jane Trider

It comes with a coordinating change bag

jane pram bag

A simple chic bag

With one main compartment

And a small zip section on the front

The pram bag closes with a velcro section

It is not a large bag

But for a trip out

Edie and me

It works just fine

And here is what I have inside

Water Wipes

water wipes

I love Water Wipes and currently use them with both Edie and Bea

These wet wipes are very wet

This means that they give a good and gentle clean

I can clean Edie’s bottom with one wipe

Which makes the wipes higher price point

Better value for money

These gentle chemical free wipes

Can be used from birth

They are super soft and gentle

And clean effectively

They clean bottoms

Hands and faces

Tables and chairs

A definite newborn change bag essential

More expensive than cotton wool and water

But so much easier when out and about

Kit and Kin Nappies

I am so impressed with Kit and Kin nappies

Edie wears these eco nappies day and night

Her skin shows no signs of discomfort or irritation

The nappies are super cute

Especially when faintly peeking through a white sleepsuit

They are also super effective

Keeping baby dry

Protecting baby’s delicate skin

And proven to be better for our planet

Than other disposable nappies

Kit and Kin are the new kid on the nappy block

But the brand demonstrates a clear ethos

Being good for babies and good for the world

I think Kit and Kin are here to stay

kit and kin nappies

Kit and Kin Nappy Sacks

As well as nappies Kit and Kin also produce nappy sacks

Kit & Kin nappy sacks are made from 100% sustainable GM-free corn-based film

Helping us end our dependency on non-renewable materials and protect the future resources of your baby’s world

They’re also 100% compostable, biodegradable, and fragrance-free

kit and kin bags

Muslin Cloths

I have lots of muslin cloths

Different brands

A range of sizes

Designs to coordinate with different outfits and accessories

I use muslins for many different things

Swaddle wraps

Sun shades

For mopping up sick and spills

As a blanket to lay baby upon

Breastfeeding cover

I keep a few muslins in my changing bag

To use for all these things and more


Essential One Cotton Bags

Inside my Jane pram bag

I organise things using cotton bags from The Essential One

I have one with nappy changing essentials

Containing all of the products I have mentioned above

essential one bags

Spare Clothes for Edie

In another cloth bag

I keep a selection of spare clothes for Edie

A range of vests, rompers and suits

Suitable for different weathers

spare clothes

Breastfeeding Cover

I do not always cover up when I am feeding my baby

But if I am with certain people

Or at a meal then I will

My cover of choice for the summer

Is my trusted Mama Scarf

Which I bought at The Baby Show in 2012

To use with Matilda Mae


I keep a large thin blanket in my bag

This can be used to lay Edie on

Perhaps at a picnic

Or for taking a photo

It can also be used to wrap Edie in

For warmth

Or to create shade from the sun

I have some lovely thin summer blankets from Baby Boden

mama scarf

Sun Hat

Through these warmer months

I keep a sun hat in the change bag

sun hat

The Jane Pram Bag comes with a coordinating change mattress

Perfect for using out and about

This is stored in the main section of the bag

In the front zipped section I keep my wallet, phone and keys

And spare breast pads for me

change mattress

These are my newborn baby nappy bag essentials

What is in your changing bag for this precious newborn phase?

The featured bag is part of the Jane Trider Travel System Package from Jane UK

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