Will and Ed

This weekend

Esther and William had a gathering

Of family and close friends

To celebrate their 7th birthday

My best friend brought her son with her

A lovely lovely boy

I have known since he was 4

Who is about to turn 16!



Is the first friend’s child I have known

For that whole journey

My children adore him

He and his Mum have THE best relationship

One I hope I might have with William


As my only son

Edward is tall and handsome

He is funny and bright

He is kind and patient

And I am proud to know him

I felt quite emotional seeing him on Sunday

It had been too long

But I was really very pleased to have him with us

And to get an idea of the man he will soon become

It got me to thinking about our William

Little William

Now 7 years old

And 117cm tall

William who can now often be found with his head in a book

And is more into Star Wars than Thomas The Tank

He is data mad

He loves sorting and ordering

Comparing facts and figures

When not reading words

He is messing with numbers

Often inspired by Top Trumps

He also loves his laptop

He loves to do quizzes

Play games

He loves to be an archer and a knight

He loves to adventure and explore

He falls asleep late

And sleeps late in the morning

He loves cartwheeling and tumbling

Gymnastics and acro

He loves football and sport

And games in teams

He is super bright

So emotional

Wants to travel the world

But never leave home

He loves great big huggles

And I love to huggle him

My William

My Will

My brave heart

I cannot comprehend

That in 9 years time

My tiny 27 weekers

Will be 16


2017-06-25 16.05.56-2

I have been wondering what William might look like

A lovely friend of mine thinks he looks like

Leonardo DiCaprio

I look at William and see me

But lots of people think he looks like David

I guess w will have to wait and see

I have also been wondering

What his style will be

What he might wear

As a 16 year old

Attending a family party

Perhaps a denim shirt

denim shirt

Some cargo shorts?

cargo shorts

Or maybe some denim shorts?

denim shorts

And a slogan tee?

slogan tee

I love my little boy

I am in no rush for him to grow up

At all

But I am curious about the young man

I will one day meet

The man my son will become

And if he is anything like young Edward

I know I will be proud as punch

I just hope I can be half the mother to my son

That my best friend is to hers


This is a collaborative post

3 thoughts on “Will and Ed

  1. Hi Jennie. Have you seen the amazing cross-sections books, or the DK Star Wars series? Worth a look for a book-mad boy.

  2. AHH, TIME FLIES. Little did I know son 1 would surprise us at 16 & say I’m applying to study medicine & is now a fully fledged GP with his own child. Nor that son 2 who had problems with maths all through school would go on to study politics with hons at uni and then complete an accelerated degree in law. Nurturing children to be the best they can be is the most rewarding job under the sun and I’m sure William will bring you as much joy at 16 as he does today. It’s natural and normal to be just a little rebellious at that stage though. As long as it’s just exerting themselves and showing they have their own opinions etc and not anything too troublesome I think it’s a healthy thing not to be discouraged, or it can come out later in life in other ways.

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