5 Money Saving Tips

I am feeling very frustrated with our house at the moment

We have too much stuff and not enough storage

I think, perhaps, that may just be life with 4 small children

But what I want to do

Is get rids of some stuff

Make some space

Save some money

And buy some storage

We created a home classroom in our house

But it is never used

We also put the playroom

In the nicest, lightest part of our house

And so it is time for change

Time to rethink how we use the space

In our open plan house

To achieve what we want to achieve

We need to make some money

So I thought I would share with you

5 money saving tips

That I am going to try

Sell Stuff
I am terrible at selling our stuff

My main reason is because I like to give to charity shops

And also because it is not easy for me to get to a post office

The fact is I should make the effort to sell stuff

Particularly toys and clothes as we grow out of them

It is so easy to do these days

With eBay, Facebook selling pages and Instagram shops

It is easy to sell stuff online

Clear space in your home

And make money at the same time

Money that could be used to improve our home

And enable us to offer more experiences to our children

Today I started packing up a few bits to take to charity

Things that Edie and William no longer need

As our youngest baby and our only boy

But neither David or I seem to be able to say for certain

That we should sell or donate our baby things

So for the moment up in the attic they will stay!

playroom storage

Eat Your Cupboards
A top tip to save some money

Is to eat everything you have in your cupboards

Before buying more food to put in them

We have so many packets, tins and jars that I could use

To make tasty meals

Instead of buying all new again with each weekly shop

I know that I could also save money each week

By auditing the contents of my bridge

Before grocery shopping online

Shop The Sales
I think being organised could save me money

Buying things for the future in seasonal sales

Stock piling things we use a lot of

When they are on special offer

Buying during supermarket baby events

Such as Aldi

A little forward thinking

Could make my money go a longer way

Before shopping it is also a good idea

To check out voucher websites

Such as DealsDaddy

To find ways of getting more money off

The products that you buy

Pack a Picnic
This is something that we do all the time

And saves us a fortune

We very rarely eat out

We take a picnic wherever we go

We take drinks and snacks

So that we do not need to pay silly prices for them

While we are out


Holiday at Home
Holidays are expensive

And are honestly not always that much fun

With a brand new baby in tow

So save yourself some money and stress

By holidaying at home

Take the time

For day trips in your local area

But be home for bedtime

And a good night’s sleep in your own beds

Before adventuring again the next day

jane adventure

Following any or all of these five tips

Can help you save the money you need

To complete a project

Treat the kids or yourself

If you cannot do any of the above

Or you need extra cash straightaway

You could consider getting a small loan

To help you get the jobs done

To help you improve your home

daddy castle

If you were able to use these tips

And save some money

What would you choose to spend it on?

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